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Dayra: Financial Inclusion for Egyptian Businesses and Workers

  • Empowering Egyptian businesses with virtual accounts, loans, and bill settlements.
  • Seamless integration options for tech companies, offering flexibility and control.
  • The fintech startup ensures hassle-free financial services for unbanked workers and businesses in Egypt.

Virtual accounts, hassle-free loans, and simplified bill settlements – all packed into an app or integrated APIs. How does that sound to you? In Cairo, this isn't just a fintech offering; it's Dayra. A financial ally transforming the game for Egyptian businesses and their unbanked workforce.

Founded in 2020, Dayra is more than a solution; it's a response to a pressing need – redefining financial accessibility in the heart of Egypt. Let's unravel why Dayra isn't just a convenience but a crucial step towards inclusivity in the Egyptian financial narrative.

Unveiling the Dayra arsenal

At the heart of Dayra's offering is the empowerment of businesses to cater to their unbanked workforce. The arsenal includes:

1. Virtual Accounts for Everyone: Dayra provides a view of transactions through virtual accounts, enabling partners to make and receive payments effortlessly with prepaid cards.

2. Productive Loans, Instantly: Credit score concerns? Fear not. Dayra offers hassle-free productive loans ranging from EGP 50 to EGP 200,000, with instant approvals and no application fees.

3. Bills Settled in a Click: Simplifying lives, Dayra allows partners to settle their bills conveniently in one centralized platform.

4. Build Your Marketplace: Fueling partner growth, businesses can offer related products with options for upfront or installment payments, creating a marketplace tailored to their line of work.

Seamless integration options

Dayra understands the diverse tech landscape of its partners and offers seamless integration options:

- Direct Integration: For companies with their app or portal, Dayra's APIs offer a direct plug-and-play solution, providing flexibility and control over UI&UX.

- Dayra App Usage: No tech solution? No problem. Companies can leverage Dayra's app to deliver financial services to their partners.

Why Dayra? Because financial services should be easy!

Dayra isn't just simplifying financial services; it's rewriting the rules:

1. Increased Stickiness: Integration with Dayra enhances company loyalty, increasing stickiness among partners.

2. Full UI&UX Control: Seamless experiences without fragmentation. Dayra ensures that partners have full control over their UI&UX.

3. Capital Freedom: By outsourcing financial services to Dayra, businesses can free up capital for core operations, aiding partners in scaling without significant investments.

4. Instant Loan Approval: With an alternative credit scoring system, Dayra facilitates instant loan approvals, empowering partners with quick access to financial support.

5. No Application Fees: Cost-effective and transparent. Dayra's services cost less than traditional lenders, and there are no hidden application fees.

Behind Dayra's success stands Omar Ekram, an entrepreneur with a background in private equity and investment banking. Ekram's journey includes managing partner roles at Tanmiya Capital Ventures and notable transactions exceeding USD 1 billion at EFG Hermes.

A Bacherlors' holder in Economics and Finance from the American University in Cairo and Columbia University in the City of New York, Ekram is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

In a nutshell, Dayra simplifies financial access in Egypt, making banking services straightforward for businesses and their unbanked partners. It's about practical solutions, not just transactions, paving the way for a more inclusive financial future.

Edited by Shruti Thapa