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DAOLens - A platform aimed at revolutionizing community management!

  • DAOLens is a community management platform founded by Vikram Aditya and Apoorv Nandan with $5M funding and aiming to revolutionize community management with its AI-powered tools.
  • The platform offers features like AI community managers, gating to control access rights, linked bounties and voting, and review, pay, and reward systems.
  • The platform aims to improve engagement in decentralized organizations and plans to expand into other areas related to DAOs.

I am sure in this GenZ phase of reality all of us have found one or the other way to manage our day-to-day tasks. Some have their app notes on, a few companies have Taskade, Basecamp, etc, and also a couple of old-school ones who believe in pen-paper!

Well, DAO Lens is one such platform that manages varied communities but with a twist of personal AI, Creation, and Accounting Tools along with an opportunity to vote and pay gates. Take a seat back, and understand these terms once they appear in your sight!

A little background

DAO Lens was founded by Vikram Aditya, and Apoorv Nandan in 2022. The company is in its Pre-Seed Stage and has managed to raise a total of $5M in funding over 2 rounds.

Their latest funding was raised on Jul 14, 2022, from a Pre-Seed round. It is funded by 16 investors. Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal are the most recent investors along with the companies - iSeed, and Nexus Venture Partners.  (Source - CruchBase

The team of 20 is boldly embarking on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) adventure, ready to welcome DAOs from every chain like a VIP party host. They're not stopping there! They're diving headfirst into the world of on-chain profiles, spreading their charm across different chains, starting with Ethereum.

Unlike similar applications, DAO also offers tools that are skeptical to the majority of preferences. Seems like they're bringing harmony to the blockchain universe, one link at a time by being unbiased. 

Since it's a web3 B2B model, I believe it functions on the principle: of the community, by the community, and for the community. It has enabled this process of community management in 3 simple steps.  (Source - DAOLens

Step 1: Join or claim your Workspace - Set your tune with the AI-powered community management by signing onto the platform and getting verified as a DAOLens User. 

Their three types of packages are truly intriguing since there is a variety of features and tools that one can offer, provide, and have access to with one single tap. 

DAOLens Package

Step 2: Import and Invite Members: Just like any other WhatsApp group, a single link allows them to join the workspace! 

Step 3: Integrate: Paying, voting, and creation tools are now accessible and ready to integrate to make this community experience engaging. 

With three simpler steps, the community is actually ready to encounter ‘unique and unlike other’ features which are:  (Source - DAOLens )

What does it offer?

  • AI Community Manager: We all have interacted with bots once in our lifetime like ChatGpt, Snapchat Bot, and many more. But have you ever met a bot that could actually comment on treasury use in the last 30 days or summarize what happened since I was away / in the last 25 days? Or Identify the top contributors in my DAO in the last 30 days? Well, then Robin is your knight in shining armor. 

Source: RobinDaoLens

  • Gating Feature: For every work done, gating people or confining them under either viewing or editing rights seems controlling but DAO has features that automate groups based on rules that come pre-built when you set up a workspace; be it roles, reputation, or NFT traits. Believe it or not, such features contribute to the timely and qualitative type of work/ tasks that an individual has. 
  • Linked Bounties, Proposals, and Voting: DaoLens is the ultimate multitasker, sparing contributors from the perils of context switching. It's like having a Swiss Army knife for decentralized organizations, seamlessly blending discussions, forums, and voting into a single app. It's the superhero cape that saves the day for decentralized collaboration.   
  • Review, Pay, and Reward: As contributors continue to shine, they are granted progressive access to more unique offerings. It's like unlocking hidden treasures as a token of appreciation for their ongoing dedication and talent. How do they receive it? Through the simple formula that this platform offers - One can effortlessly review submissions with a single click enabling the payment right from within the tool itself, streamlining the entire process. Note, on this platform - NFTs truly are Digital Trophies.

This is not it, DAO Lens is like a kaleidoscope that offers various points of view in order to understand the functioning of the community better:

  • Bird’s Eye View - Tracking Progress, Importing data from GitHub, and identifying projects
  • Verified Views - It's as simple as creating tasks or task sequences, with submissions automatically verified for seamless pay-outs.
  • Course Creator View - Opportunity to explore the ability to create proposals that can lead towards winning the digital trophies - NFTs.
  • The Switching View - Creator can always edit their own dashboards along with being a part of it simultaneously with just one tap. 
  • Calendar View - DAO brings down all the events and meetings of the community on one web. 
  • Breakout Room View -  DAO offers to work in teams in the context of the community under one roof. 

In the world of DAOs, the numbers don't always add up. With thousands of members, community calls often feel like a ghost town with only a handful showing up. Just like people don't turn on their cameras and choose not to interact on Zoom calls, right?  

But DAOLens is currently working on tipping the scales in favor of engagement! Isn't that their mission, already? Hence they are fixing the participation ratio and giving more contributors a chance to shine in the DAO spotlight. 

Their near future prospects of expanding into other pillars around DAO Contribution, DAO Tooling, and Operations, DAO discovery, etc. will successfully help them reach their long-term goal. 

Like the ultimate dream partner/guide, DAO sets its sights high. It aspires to be the go-to engagement platform for any Web3 contributor, capturing their hearts with its charm and functionality.

It also dreams of wooing traditional organizations, groups, and communities, offering them a pathway to structure themselves as DAO. I would surely consider DAOLens to be a green flag in the world of AI!! 

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Edited by Shruti Thapa