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Creizer: Crafting Success Stories, One Sale at a Time

  • Emiliano Musalem founded Creizer in 2021 to revolutionize Latin American e-commerce with revenue-based financing.
  • Bank of America Breakthrough Lab invests in Creizer, reshaping the financial narrative for SMEs in the region.
  • Creizer, like Clearbanc, offers swift financing, data-driven growth, and expert support, transforming SMEs into e-commerce success stories.

Lights, Camera, Creizer!

In the bustling world of e-commerce, where dreams are packaged and shipped across digital landscapes, Creizer emerges as the blockbuster producer, offering online sellers more than just a loan - an investment that sparks the sales revolution.

It's like a Hollywood script, but the star is your online business, and Creizer is the director, turning each scene into a blockbuster sale.

Founding tale: The birth of an E-Commerce revolution

Picture this: Mexico, 2021 – a thriving marketplace where more than 80% of SMEs yearned for growth but found the doors to loans closed. In the heart of this scenario, Emiliano Musalem founded Creizer, akin to a film director orchestrating a groundbreaking production.

The mission? To provide revenue-based financing to online sellers, empowering the underdog entrepreneurs of Latin America.

Bank of America breakthrough lab steps in

Every cinematic masterpiece needs a strong backing, and Creizer's financial drama is no exception. With an undisclosed amount from Bank of America Breakthrough Lab on May 16, 2023, Creizer's story took a significant turn.

Much like the pivotal scene where the hero gets the resources needed for a triumphant comeback.

The challenge: A plot twist for SMEs

In the Latin American e-commerce landscape, more than 99% of online sellers faced an uphill battle to access loans. It was a script filled with challenges, limiting growth for these small businesses.

Creizer entered the scene, breaking traditional norms. The dialogue changed from "no access" to "accessible scoring based on daily sales."

The solution: Creizer, a revenue-based financier

Creizer stepped onto the stage as a revolutionary figure, Clearbanc (or for LATAM. It's the script rewriter, providing revenue-based financing tailored to the unique needs of online sellers.

Imagine a financial script where requirements are accessible, scoring is based on store metrics, and entrepreneurs are the protagonists of their success stories.

Why Choose Creizer? A Box Office Hit in the Making

In the competitive world of e-commerce, Creizer distinguishes itself as a financial ally, more than just a loan provider. The plotline boasts:

Simple and Agile Process: Bid farewell to tedious procedures and lengthy waits. Creizer ensures obtaining credit is as swift and effortless as a Hollywood car chase.

Growth Rooted in Solid Data: Creizer doesn't throw money blindly into the plot. Instead, it enables online sellers to expand their inventory, improve operations, and witness the impact on sales through a sophisticated platform.

Personalized Support: The supporting cast of experts at Creizer understands e-commerce dynamics. They are there to guide sellers through every chapter of growth.

How does the plot unfold?

Creizer's story is more than a loan; it's an advance on future sales, paid back without interest rates or fixed payments. Think of it as a plot twist where, after the third day of depositing money, Creizer charges a percentage of the sales amount.

It's the turning point, the climax, where sellers propel their online businesses to the next level.

Lights dim, curtain falls, success rises

As the credits roll, Creizer stands as the hero of the e-commerce tale. It's a financial ally that doesn't just write checks; it writes success stories. Picture your online business as the lead actor, and Creizer as the script that takes it to stardom.

So, fellow entrepreneurs, grab your popcorn, contact Creizer, and let the blockbuster sales journey begin. After all, in this e-commerce epic, Creizer is the director, and your success is an Oscar-worthy performance!

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Edited by Shruti Thapa