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Copilot, YNAB, Monarch Join Apple

  • Apple's latest iOS update, 17.4, focuses on compliance with the EU's Digital Market Act Regulation.
  • Apple collaborates with financial apps YNAB, Monarch, and Copilot to integrate real-time tracking of Apple finance accounts.
  • The collaboration aims to elevate users' financial experience, enabling confident spending, ambitious saving, and joyful giving through YNAB.

Apple's most recent iOS 17.4 update is all about complying with the EU's Digital Market Act Regulation. Not only that, but Apple has rolled out a new API called FinanceKit, giving developers access to transaction and balance information from Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings with Apple.

After the update, Apple teamed up with YNAB, Monarch, and Copilot. In a recent statement, Copilot shared that users can now keep track of all their Apple finance accounts in real time. Before this update, Copilot users had to jump through hoops to view their transactions.

Todd Curtis, the CEO of YNAB, couldn't contain his excitement about Apple selecting them to introduce this new feature. YNAB has been committed to helping individuals improve their financial habits since 2004. 

This collaboration with Apple Card will take the YNAB experience for cardholders to the next level, making it easier for them to spend confidently, save ambitiously, and even give joyfully.

Edited by Shruti Thapa