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  • AI-powered construction ally, answering project queries, enabling bid comparison, and boosting efficiency.
  • Innovative Edge: Constructable's AI chat sets it apart, reducing timelines by 5-10% in a competitive field.
  • Client Satisfaction: Beyond efficiency, enhances client satisfaction, making it a star in the construction realm.

Once upon a blueprint, Molly Abbott, Emma Nazim, and John Yoder joined forces in 2023 to birth This dynamic trio brought a mix of tech, construction wisdom, and innovation to the table.

The result? An AI-powered construction copilot that's changing the game.

Meet Constructable: Your Construction Genius isn't your average construction platform; it's the Siri of the construction world. Founded by industry veterans, it's your sidekick for answering project questions lightning-fast.

Imagine having a construction-savvy chatbot that crunches data from emails, documents, and chats to keep your project on track.

The Constructable magic: Bid comparison and more

What sets Constructable apart? It's not just about aggregating data; it's the bid comparison and key component analysis that make it shine. Need to compare bids or analyze crucial project elements? Constructable's got your back, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

The AI copilot in action: Efficiency unleashed

Constructable is the Sherlock Holmes of construction data, pulling information from various sources like OneDrive, Procore, and your project emails.

It's the hero that slashes wasted time, streamlines data management, and ensures your construction team works like a well-oiled machine.

Competition, but Constructable leads the pack

Sure, there are other players like PlanGrid and Procore, but Constructable stands out with its AI-powered chat. This feature lets construction teams ask questions and get real-time, accurate info, reducing project timelines by 5-10%. It's not just a platform; it's a game-changer.

Constructable's victory lap: Reducing timelines, boosting satisfaction

Constructable's secret sauce? Its founders' innovative spirit and a commitment to solving construction teams' pain points. The AI copilot isn't just reducing construction timelines; it's boosting client satisfaction.

In a world where time is money, Constructable is the ace, up your hard hat sleeve. - Where innovation meets construction

In the grand tale of construction, isn't a supporting character; it's the star. With founders who know their stuff and features that redefine efficiency, Constructable is the sidekick every construction project dreams of.

Say goodbye to project stress and hello to your AI-powered construction ally.

Edited by Shruti Thapa