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Coba: Your Finance Sidekick for Business Success!

  • Coba Finance Playground: Streamlining invoicing, payments, and expenses effortlessly.
  • Experienced Founders' Team: Joseph Saliba, Abraham Vargas, Eduardo De Leon, and Carlos Gonzalez leading the financial wizardry.
  • Coba Triumphs: $4.5M funding, SaaS Award, and disrupting giants like QuickBooks and Xero.

Meet the Money Magicians at Coba! 

Get ready to dive into the financial revolution with Coba—a tech marvel founded in 2019 by Joseph Saliba, Abraham Vargas, Eduardo De Leon, and Carlos Gonzalez. Led by these financial wizards, Coba is here to transform how businesses manage their finances.

Coba unveiled: Your all-in-one finance playground

Imagine a place where invoicing, payments, and expenses party together—That's Coba! Joseph Saliba (CEO), Abraham Vargas (CTO), Eduardo De Leon (Head of Product), and Carlos Gonzalez (VP of FinOps) crafted a platform that's not just efficient but also a breeze to use.

Why Coba? Because finance shouldn't be a headache!

Coba steps in to rescue small and medium-sized businesses from finance chaos. With an easy-to-use and customizable platform, it's the superhero these businesses need for financial harmony.

Meet the founders: The brainiacs behind Coba

Ever wondered who's behind the financial magic? Joseph Saliba from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Abraham Vargas from Google and Microsoft, Eduardo De Leon from Startup Wonderlands, and Carlos Gonzalez with a finance and accounting ace up his sleeve.

Coba vs. The World: Taking on the finance titans

QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks—meet your match! Coba stands out by offering the whole finance shebang—invoices, payments, and expenses, all under one digital roof. Plus, real-time insights? Not every finance superhero can pull that off!

Coba's triumphs: More than just dollars and cents

In 2020, Coba made it rain with a cool $4.5 million in seed funding. The platform expanded, the customer base grew, and to top it off, they snagged the "Best Financial Management Solution" award at the 2021 SaaS Awards. Talk about a finance fiesta!

Coba—Where finances find their zen

In a nutshell, Coba is your go-to tech genie for financial bliss. Whether you're slaying invoices, conquering payments, or mastering expenses, Coba has your back. The founders' experience, the platform's prowess, and the accolades—Coba isn't just managing finances; it's leading a financial revolution! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa