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Clupp Insurance: Drive Less, Pay Less, Smile More!

  • Clupp Insurance: Drive Less, Pay Less: Adaptive per-kilometer coverage for cars, bikes, and more, winning hearts with real experiences.
  • Pay-as-You-Drive Flexibility: Farewell to fixed rates; Clupp adjusts plans based on actual mileage, offering tailored mobility plans.
  • Digital & Hassle-Free: 100% digital process, flexible payment options, and CluppGPT, your virtual assistant for a smooth journey.

Introduction: Unlocking Affordable Adventures! 

Gear up for a ride into the world of Clupp Insurance, where driving less means paying less and worrying even lesser. Whether you're cruising in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, e-bike, or shredding on a skateboard, Clupp has your back with insurance that's as flexible as your favorite road trip playlist.

What Clupp covers? A safety net on every journey

Imagine insurance that adapts to your lifestyle. Clupp's per-kilometer coverage rewards good driving habits, making it your trusty companion on the road.

Curious about coverage? Clupp's got your back for theft, accidents, medical expenses, stolen cell phones, and damage to third parties. It's a safety net for all your moving adventures.

Real voices, real experiences: The Clupp community speaks!

Join the chorus of satisfied Clupp policyholders singing praises. From excellent service to quick tow truck responses, Clupp is winning hearts and miles.

Robert Hernandez (3 days ago): "Excellent - easy to contract, clear policies, no fine print. They charge me a great price for my motorcycle!"
Pedro Ramirez (6 days ago): "Very good insurance company, no hassle with road assistance!"
chepenetronco (1 week ago): "Great and excellent service. Very efficient in every way."
Jose Manuel Avila (1 week ago): "It's good."
Marco Antonio Peralta (1 week ago): "Excellent service, always attentive and delivers on time."

Pay-as-you-drive: Count kilometers, not costs!

Say goodbye to fixed rates! Clupp checks your mileage through a snapshot of your odometer. Flexibility is the name of the game – go over a bit, no problem; go over for two months straight, and we'll adjust your plan.

Mobility plans: Tailored to your journey!

  • Reduced Mobility: For those who drive less than 500 km per month – occasional cruisers and weekend warriors.
  • Normal Mobility: Clocking in between 500 and 1200 km monthly – your everyday commuters.
  • Intensive Mobility: Over 1600 km per month – for the road warriors with no limits.

Hassle-free hiring in minutes!

It's a 100% digital process. Quote, pay monthly or annually, and choose a card, cash, or transfer. No forced deadlines – cancel whenever, however.

CluppGPT: Your virtual assistant!

Got questions? Meet CluppGPT, your virtual assistant. Ask away, and CluppGPT will guide you through the twists and turns.

Clupp – Where the road is your playground!

In the world of Clupp Insurance, the road is not just a path; it's a playground of possibilities. Drive less, pay less, and smile more because, with Clupp, every mile is a new adventure. Ready to hit the road? Clupp up and ride on! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa