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Cheq UPI: Payments for NRIs in India

  • Tailored payments app for NRIs, easing digital transactions in India.
  • Solves payment challenges, accepts international cards, and simplifies travel finances.
  • Transparent pricing, secure transactions, visionary founders—Cheq UPI transforms payment experiences in India.

Cheq UPI is a modern payments app designed for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and international citizens exploring India. With founders Sudhanshu Shekhar and Manish Shukla at the helm, Cheq UPI emerges as the ultimate solution. It focuses on making seamless and hassle-free digital payments across the country.

Solving payment woes for visitors

Venturing into India often poses payment challenges for foreigners. From merchants refusing international credit cards to the scarcity of ATMs in remote locations. Cheq UPI steps in as a game-changer. It allows users to make digital payments at over 55 million merchants across India. It accepts all international debit/credit cards and supports international phone numbers. This ensures a smooth payment experience for every visitor.

Indian expats, too, face their set of challenges when it comes to digital payments. Enabling UPI on an international number or linking NRE/NRO accounts often becomes a roadblock.

Cheq UPI addresses these issues. It provides a digital UPI wallet that can be used seamlessly, even with international debit/credit cards. The platform facilitates travel across India without the need for physical currency. This enhances security and convenience.

Cheq UPI: More than a payment app

Cheq UPI is not just a payment app; it's a comprehensive solution crafted to make life easier for travelers visiting India. The platform offers a digital wallet that users can replenish with their international debit/credit cards.

The cost-effectiveness of using Cheq for currency exchange further adds to its appeal. It makes it a preferable option compared to traditional methods like airport currency exchange.

Transparent pricing and secure transactions

Cheq UPI employs a transparent pricing model. It charges a one-time joining fee of Rs 800 (approximately $10) to cover profile verification and operational costs. The platform assures users of the safety of their money and data, with encryption and storage practices aligned with RBI guidelines. Every transaction undergoes a two-factor authentication (2FA), ensuring proactive prevention of suspicious activities.

Meet the visionaries behind Cheq UPI

Sudhanshu Shekhar and Manish Shukla bring a wealth of experience from companies like Zeta, Walmart, and Headout. With a shared passion for finance and technology, they leverage their 12-year partnership to address the challenges faced by expats in the Indian market. Cheq UPI reflects their commitment to making life a little easier for every traveler visiting India.

A glimpse into Cheq UPI's functionality

Cheq UPI's user-friendly setup allows individuals to create their wallets within the app. With an available balance, users can enjoy rewards up to 2%, add funds through their preferred payment method, and initiate spending by scanning QR codes or entering UPI IDs. The platform provides a clear overview of spending, deposits, and withdrawals. This offers a comprehensive tool for tracking and managing finances.

In a nutshell, Cheq UPI is not just transforming digital payments. It is redefining the experience for NRIs and international citizens exploring India. With its commitment to user convenience, security, and transparency, Cheq UPI plays a pivotal role.

So, for every traveler seeking a seamless payment experience in India, Cheq UPI is the answer that goes beyond transactions. It is a travel companion ensuring financial ease and peace of mind.

Edited by Shruti Thapa