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BuildJet: Turbocharging GitHub Actions for Peak Performance

  • Performance Boost: BuildJet revolutionizes GitHub Actions by leveraging high-performance gaming CPUs, achieving exceptional single-core performance for accelerated CI workflows.
  • Cache Excellence: With a reliable and fast cache solution, BuildJet offers a free alternative surpassing GitHub Actions' capabilities, providing 20 GB/repo/week storage at no cost.
  • Versatile Integration: BuildJet ensures compatibility with any runner, offering seamless integration with official, self-hosted, or BuildJet runners for a flexible and adaptable CI solution.

Revolutionizing CI Workflows: BuildJet's Game-Changing Approach

In the fast-paced world of continuous integration, BuildJet emerges as a frontrunner, reshaping the landscape with its innovative service tailored for GitHub Actions.

Founded by Adam Shiervani and Lian Duan, BuildJet is on a mission to elevate the performance and reliability of CI workflows, offering a unique approach that has garnered widespread acclaim.

Key features setting BuildJet apart

1. High-Performance Gaming CPUs: BuildJet harnesses the power of high-performance gaming CPUs, prioritizing exceptional single-core performance crucial for accelerating CI workflows. This strategic choice gives BuildJet an edge in delivering swift and efficient processes.

2. Reliable and Fast Cache: BuildJet's cache solution redefines reliability and speed. Offering a free alternative to GitHub Actions cache, it not only matches compatibility with any runner but also doubles the free storage, providing an impressive 20 GB/repo/week storage space at no cost.

3. Compatibility with Any Runner: Versatility is at the core of BuildJet's offerings. Its cache and setup actions seamlessly integrate with official, self-hosted, or BuildJet runners, providing users with a flexible and adaptable solution tailored to their needs.

4. Native Support for ARM Workflows: In a groundbreaking move, BuildJet introduces hosted ARM runners for GitHub Actions, providing developers with native support for ARM workflows. This innovation catapults workflow speeds, achieving performance levels ten times faster than current GitHub Actions standards.

5. Easy Installation and Setup: BuildJet prioritizes user convenience. With a hassle-free installation process, users can effortlessly sign in with their GitHub Account, authorizing BuildJet to access their organization and dive into an enhanced CI experience.

Success backed by results: Transformative impact on CI run time

BuildJet's impact on CI run time is tangible, with an average reduction of 50%. Customers rave about the service's efficiency, reporting significant improvements in their GitHub Actions run time.

Customer Testimonial: One customer shared their experience, noting that BuildJet slashed their GitHub Actions run time from 40 minutes to a mere 10 minutes.

The customer expressed immense satisfaction, highlighting the substantial cost savings and a remarkable 50% reduction in build time.

User-focused mission: Privacy, security, and innovation

Independence and Values: BuildJet emphasizes its independence from GitHub, Inc., with separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact. The company is on a mission to prioritize customer data security, respect business secrets, and uphold the highest standards of data security.

Innovation at the core: Addressing limitations and user satisfaction

BuildJet's success is rooted in its commitment to addressing limitations prevalent in other CI providers. By providing efficient, user-friendly solutions, the company has become a preferred choice among developers seeking to optimize their CI workflows.

BuildJet's ascent in the CI universe

In the dynamic world of CI workflows, BuildJet stands tall as a transformative force, challenging norms and setting new standards. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and user satisfaction, BuildJet is not merely a CI service—it's a catalyst for peak performance in GitHub Actions.

Edited by Shruti Thapa