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Beyond Aero: Paving the Skies with Hydrogen-Powered Innovation

  • Hydrogen Aviation Trailblazer: Beyond Aero pioneers hydrogen-powered aviation, addressing carbon emissions in business aviation.
  • Innovative Propulsion Systems: Successfully crafting an 85 kW flying bench, the company envisions the Beyond Aero One business jet with an 800 nautical miles range.
  • Challenges Met with Solutions: Beyond Aero tackles hydrogen refueling challenges, proposes mobile tanker trailers, files patents for storage and thermal management, and secures substantial funding.

Soaring Beyond Limits: Beyond Aero's Hydrogen-Powered Revolution

In the dynamic realm of aviation, Beyond Aero emerges as a trailblazer, aiming to redefine the skies with its groundbreaking hydrogen-powered propulsion system.

Founded in 2020 by Eloa Guillotin, Valentin Chomel, and Hugo Tarlé, the French startup is on a mission to transform business aviation, mitigating carbon emissions and meeting the surging demand for cleaner alternatives.

Current focus and innovations: Propelling the future

Demonstrator in Action: Beyond Aero is currently dedicated to elevating its hydrogen-based propulsion system demonstrator into the skies. The company has successfully crafted an 85 kW flying bench, tailored for retrofitting a 2-seater from G1 aviation, marking a pivotal step in validating core assumptions.

The Beyond Aero One: The company envisions its inaugural business jet, the Beyond Aero One, as a game-changer. Boasting an impressive range of up to 800 nautical miles and a speed exceeding 356 miles per hour, this hydrogen-powered marvel seats up to eight passengers, embodying the perfect fusion of efficiency and luxury.

Addressing challenges: Paving the way for hydrogen refueling

Infrastructure Hurdles: Beyond Aero confronts the challenge of establishing a robust hydrogen refueling infrastructure. While hydrogen is abundant, the lack of dedicated refueling points remains a hurdle. The company proposes a visionary solution – urging airports to invest in mobile hydrogen tanker trailers, ensuring a consistent supply of hydrogen fuel.

Innovative Patents: Beyond Aero is tackling intricate challenges related to hydrogen storage and thermal management in an aviation context. The company has filed multiple patents, including ingenious concepts like integrating hydrogen tanks in a fairing beneath the aircraft's main body and implementing advanced heat management systems.

Funding triumphs and industry disruption

Investment Landscape: Beyond Aero has secured substantial funding, completing three rounds, including contributions from Initialized, Air France, and visionary unicorn founders. The company's total funding stands as a testament to its potential to disrupt the aviation sector.

Revolutionizing Electric Aviation: Beyond Aero is strategically positioned to lead the hydrogen aviation revolution, leveraging its technological prowess to revolutionize the market.

Challenges met with ingenuity: Beyond Aero's journey

Refueling Infrastructure: The absence of hydrogen refueling infrastructure is met with Beyond Aero's call for mobile hydrogen tanker trailers, ensuring accessibility.

Storage and Thermal Management: The company addresses storage and thermal management challenges through inventive patents, demonstrating a commitment to overcoming obstacles.

System Integration Expertise: Beyond Aero emphasizes the seamless integration of various systems, showcasing its technological acumen at the heart of advancements.

A glimpse into Beyond Aero's origins and growth

Founding Visionaries: Eloa Guillotin, Valentin Chomel, and Hugo Tarlé bring a blend of vision and expertise, laying the foundation for Beyond Aero's journey.

Beyond Aero's Expansion: Beyond Aero has expanded its operations to Norway and the UK, experiencing a robust 20% month-on-month growth in the first half of 2022.

Beyond Aero's flightpath to a sustainable future

Beyond Aero stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in aviation, embodying innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to cleaner skies. With a hydrogen-powered vision, inventive solutions to industry challenges, and strategic funding,

Beyond Aero is not just navigating the skies – it's charting a course toward a sustainable and exhilarating future in aviation.

Edited by Shruti Thapa