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Bemlo: Pioneering Change in Healthcare Staffing

Bemlo cover image
  • Healthcare Workforce Revolution: Bemlo, founded in 2019, transforms healthcare staffing by addressing shortages, burnout, and lead time challenges.
  • Marketplace Marvel: Bemlo's platform, spanning Sweden, Norway, and the UK, acts as a nexus connecting healthcare professionals with transparent and flexible opportunities.
  • Triumphs and Expansion: Securing $3.3M funding, Bemlo witnesses 20% monthly growth, lowering lead times, boosting flexibility, and shaping the future of healthcare staffing.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The Bemlo Saga

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Bemlo emerges as a beacon of transformation. Established in 2019 by visionaries Alexander Björkenstam, Edvin Fernqvist, and Alfred Wahlforss, this Swedish platform sets out to redefine the working conditions and efficiency of healthcare professionals.

Bemlo's noble mission: A panacea for healthcare challenges

Addressing Industry Woes: Bemlo's inception is rooted in tackling critical challenges plaguing the healthcare sector:

  • A projected 4 million healthcare worker shortage in Europe by 2030.
  • Soaring burnout rates, with 6 out of 10 active staff contemplating leaving the industry.
  • Urgent demand for streamlined staffing solutions to curb the three-month lead time for placements.

Bemlo's architectural marvel: The marketplace

Bemlo Syrup and Beyond: While Bemlo Syrup stands as a medical triumph, it's Bemlo's marketplace that steals the spotlight. Spanning Sweden, Norway, and the UK, this platform acts as a nexus connecting healthcare professionals with diverse opportunities.

Features Transforming Healthcare Dynamics:

  • Streamlined Opportunity Exploration: Healthcare professionals navigate, compare, and find staffing opportunities effortlessly.
  • Transparency Through Ratings: The platform empowers users to leave ratings and reviews for staffing agencies, fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Flexibility as a Priority: Bemlo champions flexible working arrangements, liberating healthcare professionals from conventional staffing agency routes.

Bemlo's symphony of success: From funding to expansion

Funding Triumphs: Bemlo secures its journey with a robust financial foundation, amassing $3.3 million in funding. A Seed VC round in August 2022, graced by Y Combinator, Long Journey Ventures, and Uncommon Capital, propels Bemlo into the next phase.

Operational Triumphs: Expanding its footprint to Norway and the UK, Bemlo witnesses a remarkable 20% month-on-month growth in the first half of 2022. The platform's success lies in bridging labor market gaps, reducing lead times, and enhancing working conditions.

Incidents of triumph: Bemlo's impactful legacy

  • Transparent Opportunities: Bemlo lowers the threshold for healthcare professionals, enabling them to find and compare staffing opportunities with transparency.
  • Rapid Staffing Solutions: The platform slashes the three-month lead time for staffing, ensuring healthcare employers secure placements within 24 hours.
  • Empowering Flexibility: Bemlo boosts retention rates by allowing healthcare professionals the autonomy to work on their terms without the traditional staffing agency route.

Transforming healthcare, one placement at a time

Bemlo is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for change in healthcare staffing. With a foundation rooted in addressing industry challenges and a roadmap paved with success stories, Bemlo's journey is far from over.

As it eyes further European expansion, Bemlo stands poised to redefine healthcare staffing dynamics, placing flexibility, transparency, and efficiency at the forefront.

Edited by Shruti Thapa