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Arrow: Simplifying Online Buying and Selling in S.E.A.

Arrow simplifies online selling in Southeast Asia with a hyperlocal, mobile-first checkout.

• Founded in 2020, Arrow transforms every shopper engagement into a seamless purchase experience.

• Arrow's mission is to make online transactions hassle-free in a diverse e-commerce landscape.

Ever tried selling or buying online in Southeast Asia? It could often be a hassle. Navigating the landscape of Southeast Asian e-commerce can be a challenge. Its varied preferences and dynamics make it complex. However, amidst this complexity, Arrow is reshaping the narrative of checkout experiences.

It's on a mission to offer brands in the region a tailored, mobile-first solution that ensures consistency and seamlessness in the online selling and buying journey.

Understanding the Arrow advantage

Arrow is not just a checkout platform, Arrow streamlines the entire process. The brainchild of a founding team deeply rooted in Southeast Asia's e-commerce and payment dynamics, Arrow is inspired by the swift and secure checkout experiences witnessed in China and North America.

The Arrow checkout experience

What sets Arrow apart is its dedication to simplicity and speed. It's the first platform in Southeast Asia to offer brands a hyperlocal checkout experience that resonates with shoppers wherever they encounter the brand.

No more tedious password setups, multiple redirects, or the hassle of creating new accounts. Arrow is the epitome of hassle-free shopping in a region where mobile devices reign supreme.

A little background of Arrow

The journey of Arrow begins with a team intimately familiar with the intricacies of Southeast Asia's e-commerce landscape. Witnessing the seamless checkout processes in other parts of the world, the founders saw an opportunity to bring that level of simplicity to this diverse region. Arrow Checkout was born, designed to make online selling and buying not just safe but also incredibly straightforward.

Selling more, selling everywhere

Arrow equips merchants to sell more of what they offer by providing shoppers with a convenient and easy checkout experience across various touchpoints. Whether it's through influencers, live streaming, online stores, social ads, or social media, Arrow turns every shopper engagement into an instant and seamless purchase experience.


- Liat Beng Neo: With a background in Fintech and payments, Liat has played key roles in initiatives for Tencent, Grabpay, and Alipay. Her expertise lays a solid foundation for Arrow's foray into transforming online transactions.

- Sudhan Raj: A Computer Engineering graduate with nearly two decades of coding experience, Sudhan has a track record of scaling successful ventures like Popcorn and Cornflix.TV. His belief in making technology work for everyone resonates with Arrow's user-friendly approach.

- Sebastian Roervig: Hailing from Denmark and residing in Singapore, Sebastian brings his experience from Grab Financial and Daraz (Alibaba) to Arrow. His understanding of payment dynamics in e-commerce is crucial to Arrow's mission.

Powering up the checkout experience

Arrow invites brands to power up their checkout experiences. The setup is easy for merchants, and the checkout process is even easier for shoppers. The platform acts as a catalyst, seamlessly integrating with various shopper touchpoints and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

In a region as diverse as Southeast Asia, where preferences vary from country to country and even from one shopper to another, Arrow is simplifying the online selling and buying journey. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa