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From laying off to Laying back with tech talent Andela

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives, including job insecurity. Andela, founded in 2014, aims to address this issue by providing a tech talent marketplace that connects companies with remote Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers. 
  • The founders, including Jeremy Johnson, Christina Sass, and others, share a vision of employing tech talent at scale without biases based on race, gender, or geography.
  • Andela focuses on long-term placements, enabling companies to build stable and dedicated teams. With a global talent base in over 60 countries.

Nothing changed the way we live more than the pandemic or COVID-19. It changed the way we look at life, look at things, or look at job opportunities. Big catastrophes like this or 2008’s recession, or the recession which we are already in, don’t fail to give us anything but at least one helpful thing “a new perspective.”

They come with new challenges and force us to find new ways to tackle them. As our meme says, “Modern problems require modern solutions.” One of the common problems that we face in all these calamities is job insecurity. Whenever time gets hard Big MNCs do layoffs in huge numbers, and people lose their jobs, hopes, and trust. When companies should support the employees, they let them go. It is not fair that’s what Jeremy Johnson, Christina Saas, and the co-founders of Andela wanted to prevent.

The dynamic group

Andela was founded in 2014 by six founders who shared a vision of employing scale in tech without the bias of race, gender, and geography. The founding team behind Andela is one of the most diversified and synced teams I have seen. Everyone is there for a reason and working towards the same goal. And I would like you to meet these people. Let’s start with

Jeremy Johnson- The CEO of Andela. He founded an educational technology company called 2U which formed his vision for Andela too.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji- the co-founder of Andela and a former entrepreneur who co-founded a payment technology company called Flutterwave.

Nadayar Enegesi- He is the co-founder of Andela and has work experience in Software Engineering at Google and Microsoft.

Brice Nkenges- He also is the co-founder and has work experience as a Software Engineer but in a different work environment. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs before starting at Andela.

Ian Carnevale-  A Software Engineer who worked at Google before starting the Andela.

Christina Sass-  He has a background in international development (it is a Broad concept introducing the idea that societies and countries have different levels of economic or human development on an international scale.) He worked at Clinton Global Initiative before starting Andela.

A strong team is more important than a great product. The team is what shapes the vision and leads towards the vision. Let me explain, a cycle of building something that helps people and makes their life easier is important, but sometimes the right products get introduced at the wrong times.

In a lifetime, a lot of companies have to pivot to find out their voice. But what remains constant in all of this is the team behind their vision. So the team is what you should focus on, and here the players are aces. Each and everyone forms a synergy that can take this vision to new heights.

What is the agenda behind Andela?

Andela is a tech talent marketplace that provides a network of remote Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers to companies who are looking to build world-class teams.

Andela is a data-driven platform that uses unbiased data to find the perfect match for every professional in the form of his or her dream job. Andela also trains the individuals to ensure they meet the highest level of excellence and fit in the corporate culture. Andela has over 100 tech skills on offer, including Ruby, Python, Go, JavaScript, React-native, MongoDB, and many more.

What does Andela offer above everything else?

Long-Term Placements- Andela focuses on long-term engagements, which means that the companies can build a stable and dedicated team of professionals.

Global Talent- Andela has a global talent base that is spread out in 60+ countries across Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. This opens the whole world to a single market of skilled and experienced professionals.

Technical and Cultural fit- Andela works on a data-driven system to ensure the need of the individual and the company matches not only the technical aspect as well as the cultural aspect.

Career Coaching- Andela offers career coaching through a learning community that helps people build sustainable careers and access international roles.

Quality of talent- Andela ensures that all the individuals are vetted and trained to match the company’s requirements.

Not for minor Projects- Andela mainly caters to long-term hires, which means it is not recommended for small or short-term projects.

This whole platform is working for the cause of the mass. Further, they are concerned with creating a diversified and inclusive tech ecosystem. They removed all the barriers to providing opportunities for talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to thrive in the tech industry. That’s the mission that brings glare into my eyes. What do you think?

Edited by Shruti Thapa