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Altigreen is Changing the Face of Electric Cargo Vehicles in India

  • Altigreen was founded in 2013 by Amitabh Saran and Shalendra Gupta.
  • The neEV TEZ, a flagship product, can achieve a full charge in just 15 minutes.
  • Operating an Altigreen EV costs ₹0.92 per kilometer, significantly cheaper than diesel and CNG vehicles.

Altigreen, a leading brand in the electric vehicle (EV) industry located in Bengaluru, India is revolutionizing last-mile transportation with its advanced three-wheeler electric cargo vehicles.

The company was established by Amitabh Saran and Shalendra Gupta in 2013 who used years of research and creative thinking to manufacture adaptable vehicles for the Indian market.

Advanced Technology and Innovation

This can be seen from their portfolio of 29 global patents.

This approach has resulted in strong and dependable electric vehicles that are designed specifically for Indian roads and weather conditions.

neEV TEZ: World’s Fastest Charging Cargo 3-Wheeler

One of the standout products from Altigreen is neEV TEZ which is widely known for having fast charging capability.

A full charge can be achieved within only fifteen minutes thereby making it the most suitable choice for businesses needing short turnaround time, a major hindrance against EV proliferation.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Besides being environmentally friendly, Altigreen’s EVs are very economical. An Altigreen Electric Vehicle costs ₹0.92 per km driven while diesel cars cost ₹4.40 and CNG cars cost ₹3.20 per km driven.

Altigreen’s EVs are therefore a good choice for businesses looking to cut back on operation costs as these savings make them feasible enterprise alternatives.

“Through our mission to remove carbon emissions from road transport, we envisage going all-electric i.e no more fossil fuel,” advocates this Auto manufacturer.

According to them, if operated through electricity; it will help reduce their ecological footprint largely thus minimizing any negative implications on the environment due to fossil fuel use.

Expanding Network and Future Plans

Investors such as Reliance New Energy or Sixth Sense Ventures have backed the company, making it possible for them to have showrooms at around 30 locations across major Indian cities in a bid to extend their presence.

The future plans of the company include a rise in its EV portfolio, opening more factories as well as moving into other emerging markets.


Altigreen’s innovative approach and dedication to sustainable mobility position it as a leader in India’s electric vehicle market.

By offering cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions, Altigreen is driving India toward a cleaner and more efficient future.

Edited By Annette George