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Alima: Revolutionizing the Grocery Store for Businesses

  • Alima, co-founded by Jorge Vizcayno and Blanca Espinosa, is a supply chain tech disruptor digitizing Latin America's fresh procurement landscape.
  • Alima's recent Seed round, concluding on September 12, 2022, secured $1.5 million from investors like Dorm Room Fund, showcasing confidence in reshaping perishable supply chains.
  • It acts as a digital companion, simplifying the complexities of procuring fresh goods for businesses in the Food Service industry, ensuring quality validation, optimized processes, and sustainability.

In the bustling marketplace of Latin America, where freshness is not just a preference but a necessity, emerges Alima—an avant-garde supply chain tech company changing the game for businesses.

Imagine Alima as the GPS for fresh procurement, guiding restaurants, CPG brands, and retailers through the labyrinth of ordering, expense management, and logistics. In the realm of perishables, Alima is the beacon of simplicity.

Founding story: Orchestrating the symphony of supply chain

The founders, Jorge Vizcayno and Blanca Espinosa, brought diverse expertise to the table—Jorge, with a tech background including heading and a stint in robotics at USC, and Blanca, a seasoned professional from Coca-Cola FEMSA, Amazon, and Uber.

Their journey began with a mission to transform food service by digitizing and optimizing the supply chain in Latin America. Alima, born in 2021, swiftly became the FyV distributor supplying over 1,500 businesses in its early operational year.

Funding journey: Alima's grocery cart of success

Fueled by innovation, Alima's funding journey is as vibrant as a market in full swing. In the latest chapter, a Seed funding round concluded on September 12, 2022, with a substantial $1.5 million raised from investors like Dorm Room Fund and five others.

This funding not only speaks volumes about investor confidence but also showcases the potential Alima holds in reshaping the perishable foods supply chain in Latin America.

The problem: Unraveling the grocery store chaos

Every business, particularly in the food service industry, grapples with the complexity of procuring fresh goods. The challenge lies not just in ordering products but in navigating the intricacies of quality validation, logistics, and timely delivery. Alima identified this chaos as an opportunity for transformation.

The solution: Alima, where digital meets freshness

Alima is not just a platform; it's a commitment to simplify the intricate process of purchasing food products. It's a digital companion for businesses in the Food Service industry, ensuring the validation of supplier quality and optimizing purchasing and delivery processes.

Alima's digital prowess doesn't just streamline; it elevates the entire experience of procuring perishable goods.

An analogy: The cartoon grocery store

Picture Alima as the superhero in a cartoon grocery store, swooping in to save the day. Just like in a cartoon, where chaos reigns until the hero steps in, Alima brings order to the grocery store of businesses.

It's the character that turns a disorganized, messy shopping spree into a seamless, efficient, and even enjoyable experience. Alima is the animated superhero that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

Alima, where simplicity meets sustainability

As we stroll through the digital aisles of Alima, it's not just about the convenience it provides. It's about the commitment to sustainability, the drive to care for the planet by establishing and executing standards to minimize food waste. Alima is not merely a procurement platform; it's a promise to make businesses more efficient, save time, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

In the grand grocery store of business operations, Alima is the fresh, crisp produce—essential, reliable, and a breath of fresh air.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa