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Yulu is Pioneering Sustainable Urban Mobility in India

  • Yulu offers a range of electric two-wheelers, including Wynn XP, DeX NV, Miracle GR, DeX GR, and Miracle CT, designed for urban commutes.
  • Recent partnerships include Zeco Mobility in Kochi and Yuva Mobility in Indore, expanding Yulu's services across India.
  • Yulu was founded by Amit Gupta and Naveen Dachuri in 2017

Yulu’s innovative solutions for micro-mobility are aimed at reducing traffic jams and pollution in India.

Yulu is calling on everyone to have a greener future, as it has a clear mission of making urban commuting seamless, shareable, and sustainable.

Seamless Experience with Yulu

The heart of its operations is the Yulu app. Downloading the app is easy for users, enabling them to easily locate the nearest Yulu vehicle, unlock it by scanning the QR code, and enjoy their ride following applicable road rules, of course.

The journey ends when you park the vehicle in an identified Yulu Zone and lock it using your mobile phone.

This makes Yulu an ideal choice for first and last-mile connectivity ensuring availability and affordability.

Product Range

Different electric two-wheelers from Yulu are designed to suit diverse commuting needs.

Stylish, comfortable, environmental travel options are provided by Wynn XP, DeX NV, Miracle GR, DeX GR as well as Miracle CT models.

These vehicles are ergonomically designed to handle urban traffic efficiently thus making them great for short distance commutes.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansions

Yulu’s growth rate has been fast because of strategic partnerships that they have had in place coupled with huge investments in their business.

Their recent joint ventures such as Zeco Mobility in Kochi or Yuva Mobility situated in Indore demonstrate how devoted they are to expanding its services throughout India.

Bajaj Auto and Magna have recently made an equity infusion of Rs 160 crore into this company showing strong confidence in its business model and growth path.

Customer Testimonials and Corporate Endorsements

Yulu rides have been praised by both individual users and corporate clients alike.

Customer feedback highlights the convenience associated with these rides, the environmental benefits that come with them as well as cost-effectiveness aspects that ensure customer satisfaction about these rides offered by this firm for commuters’ use only not forgetting the time-saving benefits associated with Yulu rides.

In addition, Corporate clients such as Wipro have embraced Yulu into their campuses to highlight its social responsibility and quality.

Leadership and Vision

Amit Gupta and Naveen Dachuri lead a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about making a positive social difference.

The technology, finance, and public policy background of the leadership team members position Yulu as one of the leading urban mobility companies.


Yulu aims to reshape how transportation is approached in Indian cities by promoting sustainable urban mobility.

By ensuring that eco-friendly commuting is accessible and affordable at prices friendly to everyone, Yulu fulfills two purposes: tackling traffic congestion and pollution while simultaneously opening doors for cleaner energy usage in the future.

Edited By Annette George.