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Vodafone and Microsoft Forge 10-Year Alliance for Digital Transformation

  • Vodafone and Microsoft form a 10-year strategic partnership for digital transformation in Europe and Africa.
  • Vodafone invests $1.5 billion in cloud and AI services, while Microsoft invests in Vodafone's IoT platform.
  • Collaboration focuses on generative AI, IoT connectivity, African digital projects, business growth in Europe, and cloud infrastructure upgrades with Azure.

Vodafone and Microsoft have joined forces in a 10-year strategic partnership to drive digital transformation in Europe and Africa. The partnership involves Vodafone investing $1.5 billion in cloud and AI services, while Microsoft will invest in Vodafone's IoT platform. 

The collaboration focuses on five key areas: 

  • Using generative AI to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Expanding IoT connectivity.
  • Speeding up digital projects in Africa with a special emphasis on M-Pesa. 
  • Supporting business growth in Europe.
  • Upgrading Vodafone's cloud infrastructure with Azure to enhance customer service and operational efficiency while also promoting sustainability.

Vodafone's investment will result in the transfer of its 46,000 servers to Microsoft Azure. This will allow Vodafone to take advantage of Microsoft's extensive cloud capabilities and connectivity services. 

Additionally, Vodafone will enhance its digital assistant, TOBi, by utilizing Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, providing customers with more personalized experiences. 

Another important aspect of this collaboration is the expansion and establishment of Vodafone's IoT services as a separate business by April 2024, intending to connect a larger number of devices worldwide.

This comprehensive deal aims to speed up digital transformation for SMEs and enhance consumer experiences, establishing Vodafone and Microsoft as leaders in the business and consumer digital services sector.

Edited by Shruti Thapa