• Evolving from Videobug, it redefines debugging, saving 30% of developer time daily with its unit test auto-generator.
  • The startup aims to supercharge development teams, navigating complex code bases with efficiency, and eliminating tech debt.
  • It disrupts debugging and unit testing, shaping the future of software development.

The origin story

In February 2022, Videobug emerged as a time travel debugger. Little did the founders, Shardul Lavekar and Parth Mudgal, know that their venture would evolve into Unlogged. It would change the game of debugging and unit testing in the software development landscape.

Developers could replay bugs on remote machines, swiftly fixing issues. The journey took a significant turn when they secured a spot in Y Combinator's summer 2022 batch. However, as they delved deeper, the team realized that their agent's performance impact wasn't finding traction for production use.

In a bold move, the team executed a soft pivot in August 2022, giving birth to Unlogged. This transition marked the inception of a unit test auto-generator. The product hit the ground with three initial customers, and the journey of iterations began.

Unlogged's vision

Unlogged isn't just a tool; it's a vision to supercharge development teams. The goal is clear: enhance developer productivity and deliver bug-free software at an accelerated pace.

The team at Unlogged understands the value of developers' time, a scarce and precious resource. By saving approximately two hours of developer time daily, Unlogged emerges as a key player in boosting efficiency.

The challenge of today's code bases

Navigating complex code bases is akin to traversing a maze of micro-services. The traditional process of backtracking issues consumes valuable time and can lead to revenue loss. Unlogged steps in as a solution, offering a streamlined approach to creating and maintaining unit tests. This, in turn, empowers developers to modify code bases with confidence, eliminating the looming specter of tech debt.

Meet the Unlogged team

Shardul Lavekar, the Founder and QA expert, is passionate about aiding developers in early bug detection. His hands-on approach thrives in the fast-paced, dynamic environment of software development.

Parth Mudgal, the Founder and Software Engineer, is a force in open-source projects, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. He's the problem solver who always has multiple solutions up his sleeve.

The team also includes Amogh CR, a software engineer dedicated to crafting clean, efficient, and maintainable code. Lastly, Akshay Saini, a design enthusiast, is committed to creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences.

The impact of Unlogged

Unlogged isn't just a startup; it's a disruption in the debugging and unit testing space. Companies like Appsmith and Repute.net have witnessed a 30% saving in developer time daily. The impact ripples through the development cycle, catching bugs at the earliest and reshaping the future of software development.

Looking ahead

Unlogged's journey includes a public launch on January 9, 2023, marking a significant milestone in their mission. As they continue to iterate and evolve, Unlogged aspires to be a cornerstone in making development teams not just productive but supercharged for the challenges of tomorrow.

In a world where innovation is the currency of progress, Unlogged stands as a testament to the transformative power of adaptation and persistence. It isn't just about debugging; it's about sculpting a future where every line of code is a step toward perfection.

Edited by Shruti Thapa