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The Invofox Story of Revolutionizing Invoice Automation

Meet Invofox, the innovative startup changing the game for software companies. With their cutting-edge technology, they're automating invoice processes, saving time, reducing errors, & optimizing resources.

  • Invofox, founded in 2015 by Alberto, Carmelo, and Adrian, aims to automate document management, particularly invoice data extraction.
  • It prioritizes community, loyalty, and excellence, empowering software companies with efficient document processing AI.
  • Their API automates data extraction from invoices, seamlessly integrating into software to enhance efficiency.

Imagine this, you're a software company, and you have tons of invoices coming in every day. Traditionally, you'd have to manually review each one, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

But with Invofox, you could automatically extract data from invoices, automating processes like payments and accounting without anyone having to lift a finger!

A Journey Driven by Innovation and Grit

The story of Invofox began in 2015 when three friends, Alberto, Carmelo, and Adrian, met at university in Spain.

The subjects they were studying weren't all that they shared, The subjects they were studying wasn't all that they shared, their passion for innovation brought them closer.

Alberto, the CEO, had a background in sales and backend development. Carmelo, the CTO, was a full-stack developer with a love for web technologies. And Adrian, the CDO, was a data scientist with a knack for machine learning.

Together, they embarked on a journey driven by innovation and grit, fuelled by their desire to transform global document management through technological innovation.

They believed that every voice should be valued and respected, and they valued strong and lasting relationships, building trust through honesty and transparency.

Journey (Source: Invofox)

Fuelling High-Value Organisational Growth

Invofox's values focus on community, loyalty, excellence, ambition, and bias for action.

They aim to empower software companies, developers, scale-ups, and startups to optimize resources and maximize efficiency with their document processing AI.

Source: Invofox

Empowering Software Companies with Seamless Integration

Invofox offers an API that seamlessly integrates into software, providing stellar results without the fuss.

Their technology excels at processing various documents, including invoices, bills of lading, purchase orders, and receipts.

It enables software companies to automate data extraction, enhancing functionality across ERP, payment solutions, accounting software, expense management, and document management.

Source: Invofox

Transforming Invoice Digitisation

But why should you care about invoice digitization?

Traditional solutions were either template-based AI, which was expensive and didn't scale, or outsourcing to humans, which was slow and error-prone. Invofox's solution was different.

Their API allows software companies to automate processes around invoices, eliminating errors and unproductive costs.

Invofox's story is one of ambition, innovation, and excellence. They are reshaping how software companies manage invoice data, driving high-value growth for organizations worldwide.

And who knows, maybe one day, they'll revolutionize how we think about invoices altogether!

Edited By Annette George