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The Fuel Delivery: Everything at your doorstep

"The Fuel Delivery," a Mumbai-based startup, employs IoT technology for doorstep fuel delivery, enhancing convenience and environmental friendliness.

  • "The Fuel Delivery," a Mumbai-based startup, employs IoT technology for doorstep fuel delivery, enhancing convenience and environmental friendliness.
  • Founded by Rakshit Mathur, Rajiv Mathur, and Gaurav Adlakha, the company's real-time monitoring and smart sensors optimize deliveries and contribute to the growing Indian fuel delivery market.
  • Aimed at ensuring the issues of managing fuel requirements, cost-effectively and safely.

These past few years have changed our outlook on shopping all over the world. We have the outcome of the stage of being hesitant to buy things that are not directly present in front of us. So now we crab for online shopping.

Our first instinct when we see anything that we wanna buy we search it online so we can figure out how much we are in for gain. So that was a step further in the advancement of our society’s lifestyle.

Now we are at a stage where we are so comfortable with the idea of not heading out of the house just to buy things that we are normalizing and making changes to bring things that were not meant to be delivered on your doorstep to your doorstep. Such things are Fuel, and that’s where Rakshit Mathur, Rajiv Mathur and Gaurav Adlakha come into the picture.


Meet the awesome team behind The Fuel Delivery! First up, we got Rakshit Mathur, the big boss, as the CEO. He is an MBA graduate from the Indian Institute of Planning & Management and has abundant knowledge about energy and infrastructure. Before starting The Fuel Delivery, he spent years working in those sectors.

Next, say hello to Rajiv Mathur, the COO. He's got over 30 years of experience in energy and infrastructure, and he's like the operations and planning genius at The Fuel Delivery. His smarts have played a big role in making the company grow.

And let's not forget Gaurav Adlakha, the CTO. With over 15 years of experience in software and IoT, he's a techie guru. His crazy ideas and tech skills have brought IoT magic to Fuel Delivery's operations.

Together, this dream team is rocking the energy and infrastructure game, making The Fuel

How did it all begin?

Fuel Delivery is a Mumbai-based start-up. These awesome guys deliver fuel right to your doorstep! How convenient, right?

The company was born in 2020 when three brilliant minds, Rakshit Mathur, Rajiv Mathur, and Gaurav Adlakha, came together with a genius idea whom you met earlier. They use IoT (you know, the Internet of Things) for fuel delivery, which is unique and innovative. No wonder they're standing out in the fuel world!

Why do we need them?

You know how it's always been, right? You need to drag yourself to the fuel station to fill up your ride. Such a pain, especially if you live far from those stations. But guess what? Fuel Delivery is a solution to that

These folks bring fuel right to your doorstep. No more wasting time at those stations! How convenient is that? And that's not all—Fuel Delivery uses IoT technology to make things run smoother and greener. Efficiency and eco-friendly vibes, all in one package! This is exactly what we needed in the fuel distribution scene. Kudos to The Fuel Delivery for making our lives easier and the planet happier!


Okay, so The Fuel Delivery's got some tough competitors: the regular fuel stations and other fuel delivery services. But don't worry they're not afraid of the challenge!

According to a report by, the fuel delivery market in India is set to grow like crazy, at 5.3% during 2021-2026. It's a big market, and there are lots of players out there, all doing their thing.

But here's where The Fuel Delivery shines: they're unique with their IoT technology. Fancy, right? That gives them a leg up against other fuel delivery guys. Plus, they really care about their customers and the planet.

Convenience and being eco-friendly are their superpowers. That's what sets them apart from the old-school fuel stations.

With IoT-enabled vehicles, they can track fuel levels, where the vehicles are, and how their drivers are doing. It's like magic! And because of this, fuel delivery is efficient, safe, and secure.

They've got these smart sensors too, keeping an eye on fuel levels in tanks. That means no mistakes in delivery, and they can plan the best routes and manage their stock like pros.

Everything happens in real-time with their fancy IoT platform. 

They can see what's going on right away, so they know when to send their units out and how everything's going in the field. If anything goes wrong, they'll fix it pronto!

The best part? They've got this sweet mobile app! Android or iOS, it doesn't matter. You can order fuel in a snap. So easy and convenient!

The Fuel Delivery is all about staying smart, safe, and efficient. They've got it all figured out! So relax and fuel your tank your way.

Edited by Shruti Thapa