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Telegram Evolves: Custom Emojis, Stories, and More!

  • New features include customizable emoji reactions, story statistics, and boosted channels for premium users.
  • Telegram's updates aim to compete with WhatsApp's channel feature with additional innovations.
  • Telegram extends voice-to-text for free users, introduces various enhancements, and channel features.

Telegram has introduced new features for channels, aiming to enhance user experience. These include improved suggestions for similar media when a user joins a new track, the ability to customize emoji reactions, and the addition of story statistics. 

These updates are part of Telegram's efforts to compete with WhatsApp. The platform, owned by Meta, launched its broadcast channels feature worldwide in September.

In August, the app introduced stories for all users. The latest update lets users and channels share their stories on their pages. When reposting, you can include text, images, or video commentary. 

More Features

Channels have the option to use custom emojis depending on their level. Premium users can enhance any channel they prefer, receiving one boost with their subscription. Channels are assigned a level based on the boosts they receive, unlocking features like the ability to post stories. It's a slightly complex and gamified system.

Telegram is expanding its voice-to-text feature for audio messages to free users but with a limit of two transcriptions per week. The latest update includes enhancements like improved code highlighting, a two-sided wallpaper for premium users visible to both parties in a chat, and a better view of topics in groups.

Telegram has been offering channel features for quite some time, but the app is now compelled to develop innovations due to WhatsApp's introduction of a similar part. In a recent broadcast on WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the channel's quality has surpassed 500 million monthly active users.

Edited by Shruti Thapa