• EthSign integrates with Telegram's TON blockchain, enabling secure and tamper-proof e-signatures.
  • EthSign plans further integration with Line's Finschia blockchain for enhanced transparency in e-signatures.
  • EthSign aims to become an attestation platform, charging for verification and attestation services.

Telegram and Line, two widely-used messaging platforms, are integrating crypto features through Singapore-based startup EthSign. Backed by all divisions of Sequoia, EthSign aims to offer a web3 equivalent of DocuSign with enhanced transparency and trustworthiness, driven by blockchain technology. 

The platform provides a more secure and authenticated method for signing contracts, utilizing the immutable nature of blockchain records.

Immutable Signatures on TON and Finschia Blockchains

Deployed on Telegram's TON and Line's Finschia blockchains, EthSign enables users to connect their crypto wallets to the messaging apps, allowing them to sign documents securely and tamper-proof. 

EthSign is already available on Telegram as a mini app, with plans for further integration with Line in the coming months. The startup, connected to around 250,000 wallet addresses, envisions becoming an attestation service platform, charging for verification and attestation services rather than a traditional subscription-based model.

Edited by Shruti Thapa