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Sohar Health- Reimagining Behavioral Healthcare

Sohar Health is a SaaS platform for behavioral health companies.

• It offers 99% accurate eligibility verification, and AI-powered medical coding.

Sohar Health was founded in 2023 by Dr Ashish Mandavia & Lucas Gordon. 

In today's fast-paced world, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of behavioral health. It's the foundation of well-being, offering vital support to those who need it most. And yet, a significant roadblock stands in the way of this service's growth. 

Imagine this: for every ten individuals seeking behavioral health assistance, one of them faces a setback – a denial of insurance reimbursement. This isn't just a hurdle; it's a financial blow to the entire industry, affecting revenue, employee costs, and marketing investments.

What's even more frustrating is that a substantial chunk of these claim denials stems from eligibility inaccuracies. The system should work seamlessly, but it often falls short.

Fortunately, there's a company out there changing the game. With a near-perfect eligibility checker that transforms those 11% denials into merely 2%, it is rewriting the narrative for behavioral health providers. 

What is Sohar Health?

Sohar Health is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for behavioral health companies. It is an API-based solution that offers 99% accurate eligibility verification, and AI-powered medical coding to automate manual workflows, increase patient intake, and generate more revenue.

By leveraging their services, behavioral health companies can:

  • Unlock up to 20% additional revenue through improved coding accuracy and reduced claim denials.
  • Increase their eligible patient population.
  • Reduce the time spent on manual operations by coding teams.

Founded in 2023 by Dr Ashish Mandavia & Lucas Gordon, Sohar Health is the marriage of an engineer’s problem-solving brain and a physician’s healing heart, connecting healthcare providers & payers in a more integrated and centralized way. 

They believe in patients accessing healthcare without limits. “What if providers were free from the barriers & burdens that waste money and time, and instead could focus on the things that help patients regain and maintain their health? What if signing up for appointments with service providers were easier to manage and integrate? What if there was an easy, cost-effective way to simplify providers’ operations? What if providers had more time to deliver excellent care and weren’t focusing on how to work with insurers?” 

The founders have felt the devastating effects of ineffective healthcare on a very personal level, and have a focused vision of getting better care to more people, quickly and seamlessly. What if clinical services, delivered in brick-and-mortar practices or remotely, were able to be the lifeline of hope they were intended to be for millions of patients across the US?

Smoother integration. Fewer barriers. Less waste. Improved health. Greater productivity. Effortless connection between payers & providers. What if? 

What does "What if?" really mean? It's not just a question; it urges you to imagine a healthcare landscape where barriers fall, waste diminishes, health improves, and the connection between payers and providers becomes effortless.

This brilliant company recognizes the importance of behavioral healthcare and is taking care of and removing a roadblock that many of us were not even aware of. It allows people to build a  foundation of well-being. 

So, here's to Sohar Health, to brighter days, better health, and a healthcare system where the lifeline of hope reaches everyone, unobstructed.

Edited by Shruti Thapa