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SmartHelio Empowering the Solar Revolution

Dive into the story of SmartHelio, a startup revolutionizing solar energy with physics-informed AI. Founded by visionaries Govinda Upadhyay and Neeraj Dasila, they aim to make solar plants smarter and more efficient.

Image by SmartHelio
  • Autopilot uses AI to predict and prevent solar plant faults with 98% accuracy, enhancing efficiency.
  • Provides precise solar and wind forecasts, helping secure investments against climate risks.
  • Raised $6M in funding, globally recognized with awards like B Corporation Certification and Diamond Winner.

In the world of clean energy, SmartHelio shines like a beacon. This Lausanne-based startup, founded in 2019 by Govinda Upadhyay and Neeraj Dasila, is transforming solar energy with its groundbreaking technology.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to make solar energy systems smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Let’s journey through their innovative landscape and see how they are making waves in the renewable energy sector.

Cracking the Code of Solar Efficiency

Imagine a sophisticated detective, tirelessly analyzing clues to prevent crimes before they happen.

SmartHelio’s Autopilot is that detective for solar plants. Using physics-informed AI algorithms, Autopilot predicts and prevents faults with 98% accuracy, much like a crystal ball for solar energy.

Unlike traditional AI, which needs vast amounts of data, physics-informed AI blends physical principles with machine learning, offering precise insights with minimal data.

This fusion allows Autopilot to deliver actionable results from day one, keeping solar plants running smoothly.

Seamless Integration for Real-Time Results

Think of Autopilot as a master key, seamlessly fitting into existing systems like SCADA or CMS.

It extracts crucial data—equipment specs, maintenance logs, thermal images—to create a digital twin, a virtual replica of the solar plant.

This digital twin helps monitor the plant in real-time, predicting issues before they snowball into costly problems.

The result?

Enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime, ensuring that every ray of sunlight is maximized for energy production.

De-risking Solar Investments with Precision Forecasts

Picture planning a picnic—while sunny skies are perfect, unexpected weather can spoil everything.

Solar investments face similar risks from climate variability. SmartHelio’s Climate Risk Assessment tool is like a long-term weather forecast for solar developers, investors, and banks.

It uses over 100 variables to predict solar Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and wind speed, helping stakeholders plan better and secure their investments against climate uncertainties.

This tool turns the unpredictable into the manageable, ensuring better returns on investment.

Visionaries with a Sustainable Dream

Govinda Upadhyay and Neeraj Dasila, the brains behind SmartHelio, are driven by a shared vision of a sustainable future.

Govinda, with his expertise in physics and smart electrical systems, and Neeraj, inspired by his Himalayan roots and engineering prowess, aim to revolutionize clean technology.

Their backgrounds in diverse fields and regions fuel their innovative spirit, making SmartHelio a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change.

Milestones and Achievements

Since its inception, SmartHelio has made significant strides. They have raised $6 million, with their latest seed round in December 2022.

Investors like Y Combinator, ACE and company, Pegasus Tech Ventures and Soma Capital back their vision.

Additionally, SmartHelio has garnered global recognition, winning multiple awards, including the prestigious B Corporation Certification and the Diamond Winner at MassChallenge Switzerland.

A Future Fueled by Innovation

SmartHelio is more than a company; it’s a catalyst for change.

By harnessing AI and data analytics, they are redefining solar plant management, making renewable energy more reliable and efficient.

Their tools not only maximize plant performance but also provide transparency and actionable insights, driving the global transition to clean energy.

Their story inspires hope for a sustainable future, proving that with the right vision and technology, we can indeed power the world with the sun.

Edited By Annette George.