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Skyflow's $30M Series B Led by Khosla Ventures

  • Khosla Ventures leads $30M Series B expansion.
  • Skyflow's evolution from PII API to Data Management.
  • AI boosts Skyflow revenue growth.

Khosla Ventures led a $30 million Series B expansion for Skyflow. The funding is notable for several reasons, including the structure of the channel and how the rise of AI has affected Skyflow.

The start-up experienced a significant increase in revenue from the use of large speech models, which recently increased from 0% to almost 30%.

This shows that the company’s growth is driven by the demand for data management services resulting from the widespread use of this model. Skyflow started as an API that gathered PII for customers. AI has expanded the range of data that can be stored. 

As data warehousing grows, data bricks and snowflakes are becoming increasingly popular. Ensuring that only approved data is used by the LLM and the person requesting it is a huge undertaking.

Following a Series B of $45 million in 2021, some were used for regional expansion. Additionally, Skyflow recently announced its support for China and its data laws. 

Raising more capital after a few years is nothing new, but the short expansion cycle did catch our attention. In terms of growth, Skyflow doubled in size last year, increasing its revenue by 110%. Anshu Sharma the co-founder and CEO did not disclose the type of funds associated with this account but said the company currently has a net income of Rs 2 crore. 

Skyflow’s recent round is in line with current trends. Startups that raised capital in 2021 are now looking for smaller options to follow.

LLM projects and sponsoring companies benefit from AI advances. Companies are still growing by providing tools through APIs, despite the challenges of usage-based pricing.

Edited by Shruti Thapa