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Skydio is a California-based company that specializes in developing autonomous drones.

• Founded in 2014 by Adam Bry, Abraham Bachrach, and Matt Donahoe, Skydio focuses on autonomy and public safety, aiming to revolutionize the drone industry.

• With advanced automated flight controls and autonomous flight capabilities. The drones utilize AI-powered obstacle avoidance systems, enhanced wireless range, and battery life for efficient operation.

They are widely used in various industries, including surveillance, inspection, monitoring, public safety, construction, agriculture, and creative endeavors like filmmaking and photography.

Skydio drones have been adopted by public safety agencies, energy utilities, transportation departments, and many others, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness. Skydio's vision of automation and its impact on various industries holds great promise for a safer and more efficient future.

Do you remember X-Men: Days of Future Past starts with sentinels who were capable of detecting mutant DNA from the sky and attacking it without any human interaction that was a sci-fi imagination that gave me goosebumps.

I was too worried about my heroes. But no, we are not there right now so don’t worry. Now imagine this kind of tech but good, like it can help you in a situation where your life is on the line but as well as your country’s life then what?

Technologies do replace humans but we have to have products and services that do the betterment of humankind, not suppress them. Imagine workers won't have to waste hours to just climb big poles of electrical grids to find out the problem so they can spend that time actually fixing the problem and more.

The Visionary

Remember Google Project Wing, where they made 5 ft, single-wing drones capable of hovering thousands of feet in the air. The drones are capable of taking off vertically and would lower the packages to the ground.

This is where it all started for Skydio as well. Adam Bry, Abraham Bacheach, and Matt Donahoe worked together on the Google Project. Project Wing somehow inspired them to form Skydio, their core focus at that time was on autonomy and public safety.

Skydio's founders took a different approach to designing the drone, they focused on the core problems which were holding this industry back from the roaring future or the future we were promised.

Those problems are crashing, and limited pilots are at the same time providing more valuable solutions with a user-friendly, elegant user interface via AI. This helped them to penetrate different industries at once. They wanted to build it to last, and they surely did.

What is Skydio?

Skydio is a California-based company founded in 2014 that specializes in developing autonomous drones. Thanks to the prior experience of the founders, their vision, their chemistry, and their visionary alliance, they dominated the industry.

Skydio has been used in various industries by the leaders of their sectors and give it a 10 out of 10 every single day. Here are some abilities of Skydio that will swift your feet from the ground.

Automated Flight Controls- Skydio drones are designed with advanced automated flight controls that make them easy to operate. These drones can follow you in places where other drones can not because they have the ability to track and avoid obstacles.

Autonomous Flight- Skydio drones are made to fly independently, without needing someone to control them. These drones have six cameras that help them create a 3D map of what's around them in real time. This map helps them avoid obstacles and move through tricky places without any trouble.

AI-Powered Obstacle Avoidance- Skydio drones use an AI-powered obstacle avoidance system. Drones are equipped with six 4K cameras providing 45- a megapixel view of their surroundings so they can foresee obstacles easily.

Enhanced Wireless Range and Battery Life- Skydio provides enhanced wireless range and battery life so it doesn’t go down only because of low battery. We all have been there with our phones so this is important.

Mapping- The 6-camera computer vision system continuously maps the surroundings with the help of deep learning algorithms which interpret what the camera sees and compute the flow between images, which makes the understanding of the topology and the situation a lot easier.

Vision-Based Navigation- Skydio drones work on vision-based navigation to fly. That means they adjust themselves in real-time by processing the live 3D visuals and making a path through them which makes it better than GPS-based navigation.

Learning to take off to save lives. The capabilities are too many and I will try to familiarize you with most of them so let’s start.

Avoid Crashing- Because of its visual-based navigation and AI-powered obstacle avoidance, it can navigate through complex environments with ease and without crashing. This makes the surveillance of difficult terrains easier.

Limited Pilots- Skydio drones are designed to fly in fully autonomous mode. This means you don’t need a controller to run the drone, which saves you time and money. And to the job more efficiently.

Efficiency- Its user–friendly interface and efficient design make it very good for monitoring, inspection, and surveillance. Which saves time, and money.

Inventory Management- Inventory management in mega corporates gets easier with the help of Skydio. It can perform regular monitoring, recurring inspections, and scheduled patrols.

Situational Awareness- Because of all these robust features, studio drones are being used in the military and law enforcement to improve situation awareness so the authorities can evaluate the task and take measurable action.

Skydio drones are being used in 200 public safety agencies in 47 states for tasks like search and rescue, firefighting, and law enforcement.

Source; Skydio

Construction- These drones are also being used in the field of construction for tasks that take too much time and labor. Such tasks are monitoring the job sites, inspecting the structures, and surveying land.

Public Infrastructure inspection- Skydio drones are being used in 60 energy utilities and over half of the US. State departments of transportation for tasks like inspecting power lines, bridges, and roads.

Source; Yahoo

Agriculture- Crop monitoring, mapping and even spraying are being done through Skydio drones in agriculture. That’s a big improvement so farmers can spend more time farming not micromanaging.

Creative Endeavors- How is it possible that we are talking about drones and not mentioning creative possibilities that they opened for us too? The shots that used to take the whole camera crew to film now can be done with this one device, and it helped Film making and Photography reach new heights.

Overall Skydio did their work so beautifully that they solved problems not for one industry but did it for a number of them. That’s why they secured the funding of $230 million in Series E and attained a valuation of $2.2 billion.

I can’t wait for the future when I get my groceries from drones. I like human interaction don’t get me wrong but that will eventually result in better traffic conditions on the roads because a lot of the delivery guys will be saved from the hardship of delivering small deliverables.

This will make roads safer to travel as well, and I am all up for that. So I love this new future. Wouldn’t you enjoy it too?

Edited by Shruti Thapa