• Simplifyd Systems is transforming the way we access internet apps, particularly in emerging economies.
  • Their innovative platform makes internet apps accessible without the burden of high data costs.
  • Simplifyd brings remarkable benefits such as data bundling, fine-grained user policies, and data-free access, revolutionizing digital accessibility.

We live in a world where digital innovation is at the heart of every industry. Accessibility to internet apps remains a daunting challenge, especially in emerging economies. 

Simplifyd Systems is a game-changing company that's on a mission to bridge the digital divide by making internet apps as accessible as a toll-free call. Founded in 2021 by Tomi Amao and Sam Keiru and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, and Kenya, the company has set out to transform the way we access and use mobile and web apps. 

Simplifyd is a platform where app owner (businesses or individuals) can list their apps (mobile and web) so users can access them toll-free. This innovative platform has a remarkable impact on app accessibility for people who have been held back by the high costs of internet data subscriptions. It enables businesses to deliver their internet apps (websites/mobile apps) data-free, similar to toll-free telephone lines, through our Zerodata app.

What is Zerodata app?

Simplifyd through its Zerodata platform is a trusted marketplace for data-free internet apps. Businesses list their internet apps (websites/mobile apps) on the Zerodata platform so end users can access them data-free!

End users simply need to download the Zerodata app, available for both mobile and desktop, toggle on, and enjoy access to listed apps data-free! They are on a mission to make apps accessible to over ~2 billion people in emerging economies who simply cannot afford the costs of internet data subscriptions.

Simplifyd systems come with several benefits  

  • Bundle data with your app
  • Remove data affordability barriers
  • Target users with fine-grained policies
  • Discover detailed metrics about your audience
  • Data caps to limit spend
  • Secure access to data-free apps
  • No app modifications needed

Some of its features are- 

  • No modifications to your app are needed.
  • Simplifyd Edge only needs to know the domains accessed by your app (mobile or web)
  • Traditional MNO reverse bill models don’t work well for mobile apps since they cannot proxy Android and iOS services for services like push notifications etc. Simplifyd Edge provides support for this out-of-the-box.

Native support for iOS and Android services

  • You can specify rules to determine who gains data-free access to your app and how much data they get. E.g. users from a particular location, users with a particular kind of device, etc.

Fine-grained policies

  • Your mobile apps can be downloaded data-free from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Native Toll-free App Download

Your mobile apps can be downloaded data-free from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Simplifyd Systems stands as an incredible example of accessibility and innovation. With their groundbreaking platform, they're breaking the barriers to internet app access.

By leveling the playing field and connecting billions in emerging economies, Simplifyd is not just facilitating connectivity; they're revolutionizing the future of digital accessibility.

Edited by Shruti Thapa