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Shelf: Simplifying Shared Expenses, Elevating Experiences

  • Shelf: India's first Neobank for young professionals.
  • Vedant Kumar and Paras Rajput, IIT Roorkee graduates, founded Shelf to streamline banking, budgeting, and bill splitting for its users.
  • Shelf taps into a real problem faced by young professionals - shared expenses.

Shelf, the first Neobank in India designed for young professionals, has established itself as a pioneer in the world of financial innovation. Since its establishment in 2022 by Vedant Kumar and Paras Rajput, Shelf has been more than just a financial platform. It offers a unique solution to the challenge of managing shared expenses for individuals living in the vibrant cities of India.

Meet the visionaries behind Shelf

Vedant Kumar, the founder of Shelf, is on a mission to create a Neobank that resonates with the dynamic lifestyle of Young Professionals. With a background marked by innovation, Vedant's leadership drives Shelf's commitment to effortless banking and shared financial experiences. Paras Rajput, co-founder of Shelf, shares this vision and brings a fresh.

Vedant and Paras, 2021 graduates from IIT Roorkee, bring a unique perspective to Shelf. Having worked on various projects together, they understand the challenges faced by the young professionals of today. Their frustration with the shortcomings of the current banking system ignited the inception of Shelf, a Neobank made by Young Professionals for Young Professionals.

Shelf's Unique Proposition: Shared Expenses, Effortless Payments

Shelf isn't your typical Neobank. It's a financial companion that understands the pulse of Young Professionals. Ever had those moments with friends where one person pays, tracks, and eventually chases everyone for their share? Shelf puts an end to that.

With Shelf, users can create groups, pool money effortlessly, and pay as a group both online and offline. The result? Enjoying moments with friends and family without the financial hassles.

The Young Professional's Dilemma: Shared Expenses

Shelf taps into a real problem faced by young professionals - shared expenses. In India, where the majority of young individuals reside, shared apartments come with shared responsibilities and shared costs. From rent and groceries to online food orders and entertainment, expenses add up. Shelf recognizes that the current banking system doesn't quite grasp this reality.

Shelf's Ingenious Solution: The One-Stop Financial App

Enter Shelf, the one-stop financial app designed explicitly for Young Professionals. No more juggling between four different apps for banking, payments, expense management, and bill splitting. Shelf consolidates these functions into a unified platform.

It doesn't just stop there - it enables users to pay for only their share in group payments, enhancing savings, reducing time and effort, and increasing spending capacity.

Shelf Products: Beyond Banking

Shelf introduces a suite of products tailored to the needs of the users. The "Personal Shelf" allows users to budget their spending, while the "Shared Shelf" tackles common expenses seamlessly within friend groups. And stay tuned for the upcoming "Shelf Cards," a versatile card to serve all payment needs, both personal and group-related.

Shelf - Your Financial Sidekick

As we wrap up this journey into the world of Shelf, it's evident that this isn't just a Neobank; it's a financial sidekick for Young Professionals. Shelf understands the intricacies of shared expenses, offering a solution that simplifies banking and elevates experiences. Your financial adventure just got a whole lot smoother with Shelf - where shared payments meet effortless finance.

Edited by Shruti Thapa