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Scispot Levelling Up BioTech

Scispot is transforming biotech with a unique tech stack, empowering companies to operate as AI powerhouses. Backed by top investors, Scispot is on a mission to create a healthier world.

  • Scispot revolutionizes biotech with a coding-free digital biology toolkit, speeding up discoveries.
  • Brothers, Guru and Satya drive Scispot's mission to advance biotech, aiming for a healthier world powered by AI.
  • It prioritizes customer success, backed by $1.7 million in funding, fostering innovation and trust.

In the bustling world of biotechnology, where every discovery holds the promise of a healthier future, one Canadian startup is making waves. Scispot, a pioneering tech stack for modern biotech, is not just transforming companies; it's revolutionizing an entire industry.

Imagine a toolkit that lets you tailor your biotech infrastructure to your needs, no coding required. That's the power of Scispot.

What is Scispot?

At its core, Scispot is a super combo of ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), LIMS (Lab Information Management System), Integrations, and Analytics. It's the first-ever toolkit that allows biotech companies to build their digital biology entities without the need for coding.

This means interoperable lab tools, eliminating R&D data silos, and creating a "digital brain" for biotech companies to operate as AI powerhouses and automate all lab workflows.

In simple terms, Scispot helps biotech companies get their groundbreaking discoveries out faster than ever before.

Founding story

Scispot's journey began with two brothers, Guru Singh, and Satya Singh, "united by a shared tragedy". Guru's passion for curing diseases and Satya's expertise in data science converged to create Scispot.

What started as a response to their mother's untimely loss evolved into a mission to propel biotech at warp speed. Scispot, their brainchild, is a 'digital brain' that empowers biotech to tap into the AI revolution and accelerate discoveries.

Value proposition

Scispot's mission is clear, to propel biotech at warp speed, transforming biotechs into AI powerhouses. Their goal is:

Harness the marriage of bio and tech to create a healthier, disease-free world within our lifetime.

With a global team of entrepreneurs, scientists, data nerds, and engineers, Scispot is committed to supercharging biotech R&D and enhancing customer success.

What sets them apart?

What sets Scispot apart is its customer obsession. Every choice is aimed at enhancing customer success, making their needs the top priority.

Additionally, Scispot empowers its team to think big and decide boldly, ensuring they make decisions that dare to transform.

Transparency and authenticity are also core values, evident in Scispot's pricing and communication, building trust with both customers and team members.

Funding and recognition

Scispot is backed by top investors in technology and biosciences, a testament to its potential and value proposition. It has received funding amounting to $1.7 million and continues to grow its community of biotech and pharma companies.


Scispot is not just a tech stack; it's a movement towards a future where diseases are conquered swiftly, and cures arrive on time. By harnessing the power of technology and biology, Scispot is paving the way for a healthier, more prosperous world.

Join the revolution, and power your biotech AI with Scispot's best data infrastructure.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa