• Revolutionizing business finance by simplifying data interactions.

• Connect, sync, manage, and secure financial data seamlessly with RootFi's platform.

• RootFi's mission—world's top player, beating competitors, and shaping the future of financial technology.

Empowering innovators for a seamless financial future

RootFi emerged as an important part of the landscape of business finance. It is simplifying interactions with financial data through its Unified API. Founded in 2022 by Ishwar Gogineni, Sidharth Rao, and Parth Shah, RootFi envisions a future where innovators collaborate to craft the next wave of products and services for small and medium businesses.

The unified API magic

RootFi's Unified API is a game-changer. It offers a single gateway to effortlessly access and synchronize business customers' financial data. This innovation allows leading SaaS, payments, and financial service companies to connect to 10+ accounting integrations.

With RootFi, B2B companies integrate once, unlocking the potential to build cutting-edge tools for various financial needs. It offers services from invoice financing to automated AP/AR reconciliation.

Building tomorrow’s solutions today

RootFi's Unified API is the linchpin that simplifies the complex web of varied schemas across different platforms. The unified API standardizes the format. It enables development teams to build once and add more platforms with a mere click. It's a game-changer, eliminating the incremental effort often associated with diverse integrations.

Connect, Sync, Manage, Secure

RootFi's platform doesn't stop at the Unified API. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that redefine how businesses handle financial data-

Connect- Provides a native authentication experience, ensuring security while onboarding seamlessly through an embeddable URL or SDK.

Sync- Leverages common data models without compromising flexibility, allowing for the smooth exchange of standardized data.

Manage- Integration dashboard that simplifies maintenance. Providing a centralized space for data, logs, issue detection, and configurations. It streamlines developer efforts, allowing them to focus on core products.

Secure- Maintains the highest standards of privacy, security, and compliance.

The uphill journey to excellence

RootFi is on a mission to be the world's top player in its category. Today, the startup boasts of beating competitors in region-specific coverage, reliability, and pricing. Looking ahead, RootFi aims to secure its position as the region's number-one player by the end of the year. The clear product roadmap, coupled with a commitment to superior service, positions RootFi as a formidable force in the evolving landscape of business finance.

RootFi's journey is more than a quest for excellence. It is a commitment to revolutionize how businesses interact with financial data. The Unified API serves as a bridge, connecting diverse platforms and simplifying the lives of developers.

As RootFi looks to the future, its vision of seamless financial interactions is set to redefine the landscape of business finance. With innovation at its core, RootFi is not just navigating the present. It is actively shaping the future of financial technology.

Edited by Shruti Thapa