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Revolutionizing Sustainability: Cleantech Startups

  • Indian cleantech startups address sustainability with innovations, from rooftop solar to battery recycling.
  • Startups like Bambrew introduce bamboo-based packaging and biofuel aggregation, promoting sustainability and growth.
  • Cleantech startups, backed by funding, show substantial growth, such as BuyOFuel's 2x revenue increase since May 2022.

In pursuing sustainable living, Indian cleantech startups are paving the way for eco-friendly practices without compromising growth. Some startups contribute to India's clean energy goals, offering diverse solutions from rooftop solar energy to biomethanation technology.

Ace Green Recycling: Battery Recycling

Ace Green Recycling, backed by Circulate Capital, is tackling battery waste. With $10 million in funding, it focuses on clean, efficient lead-acid battery recycling technology.

Bambrew: Plastic-Free Packaging

Bambrew's eco-friendly packaging, using bamboo, attracted $2.35 million in a Pre-Series A round led by Blue Ashva Capital. The startup expands its range to include paper straws, cups, and wooden utensils.

BuyOFuel: Biofuel Aggregator

BuyOFuel, aggregating biofuel suppliers, secures $1.6 million from investors like IPV. It champions biofuels, reducing dependence on fossil fuels while witnessing a 2x increase in monthly revenue since May 2022.

Clairco: IoT-Based Air Purification

With a $572.6K investment from AngelList and Max Group, Clairco leverages IoT for air quality monitoring and purification. Its patent-pending system retrofitting air conditioning units transforms them into smart purifiers.

Devic Earth: Air Pollution Control

Devic Earth's Pure Skies tech reduces pollutants, securing INR 10 Cr from the Blue Ashva Sampada Fund. The Bengaluru-based startup aims for global expansion and continued innovation.

These dynamic cleantech startups exemplify India's commitment to sustainability, blending innovation with environmental responsibility. As they continue to thrive, the future holds promising strides towards a greener and cleaner world.

Edited by Shruti Thapa