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Remora turning Carbon Emissions into Revenue

Remora captures semi-truck emissions, turning them into revenue. Founded by Paul Gross, their scalable device offers a practical, eco-friendly solution, making trucks potentially carbon-negative. Recent funding highlights investor confidence in their mission to combat climate change.

  • Remora captures carbon emissions from semi-trucks to reduce environmental impact and create new revenue streams.
  • Founded in 2020 by Paul Gross to transform carbon-neutral transportation inspired by his cross-country bicycle trip.
  • Retrofit device captures and store CO2 from trucks, turning emissions into valuable resources.

Imagine a school science fair project where kids build a device to capture smoke from a toy truck’s exhaust, filter it, and then show how it could be reused.

Now, picture this on a much larger scale with real semi-trucks, and you’ve got Remora’s groundbreaking technology.

This Detroit-based startup is revolutionizing the trucking industry by developing a device that captures carbon emissions directly from the tailpipes of semi-trucks.

Their solution not only helps fight climate change but also creates a new revenue stream for truck owners.

The Beginning of Remora

Remora's journey began in 2020 when Paul Gross, inspired by his solo bicycle trip across the US and a passion for carbon-neutral transportation, co-founded the company.

The idea was simple yet revolutionary: capture the carbon emissions from semi-trucks, repurpose this captured carbon, and significantly reduce the environmental impact of heavy-duty transportation.

Remora Team

How It Works

Remora's device bolts onto the back of a Class 8 tractor, attaching to its tailpipe and filtering out carbon emissions using advanced carbon scrubbing technology.

The captured CO2 is compressed and stored in onboard tanks, ready to be offloaded by drivers during refueling stops.

This ensures the trucks can continue their journeys without interruption. The captured CO2 can then be sold to various end-users or sequestered permanently in EPA-certified wells, generating revenue for the truck owners.

Scalable and Practical Solution

What sets Remora apart is its scalable and financially viable approach to carbon capture.

While electric semi-trucks present numerous challenges due to their heavy batteries and limited range, Remora offers a more practical solution.

Their device can be retrofitted onto existing trucks, making it adaptable and cost-effective.

Furthermore, the captured CO2 can be converted back into diesel using CO2-to-fuels technology, creating a circular economy that leverages existing infrastructure without the need for massive overhauls.

Recent Developments

In February 2024, Remora secured Series A funding from Voyager Ventures, signaling strong investor confidence in their technology and mission.

This follows a successful seed funding round in April 2021, where they attracted investments from First Round Capital and other notable investors.

Such financial backing underscores the potential impact of Remora's technology on the global effort to combat climate change. (Source: Crunchbase)

Vision and Values

Remora’s vision is driven by core values emphasizing urgency, honesty, and exceptional respect for their team and partners.

They are laser-focused on delivering a solution that addresses the climate crisis while making operational and financial sense.

Their low-ego, high-intensity approach ensures they remain committed to their mission despite their challenges.


A Future of Carbon-Negative Trucks

One of the most compelling aspects of Remora's technology is its potential to make semi-trucks carbon-negative, especially when paired with biofuels.

This means that the more these trucks are driven, the more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

Their approach is cheaper and more effective than other carbon removal methods, thanks to the high concentration of CO2 in vehicle exhaust compared to ambient air.


Remora is a movement towards a sustainable future. By turning the carbon emissions problem into an opportunity, they are supporting both the environment and businesses that rely on heavy-duty trucking.

As they continue to grow and scale, the impact of their work will be felt globally, proving that with the right technology and vision, significant differences can be made.

Remora is capturing the future simply through, 'One Truck at a Time'!

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Edited By Annette George