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Quilt's Innovation on Redefining Heat Pumps

  • Quilt aims to address consumer reluctance towards heat pumps.
  • Quilt's approach focuses on cultural re-interpretation for acceptance.
  • Quilt secures $33 million Series A funding for product launch.

Heat pumps have witnessed a satisfactory upsurge in demand, superseding the consecutive sales of gas furnaces in two years. Nevertheless, it can be a real problem to make consumers accept this new technology provided that everyone is willing to change the habit.

Aware of consumer fear about the heat pump, Paul Lambert is keen to explain the new product launched by his Quilt company. Contrary to Luzia and Lacroix, relying upon status validation, Lambert believed in cultural re-interpretation, whereby consumers feel like they are upgrading when they are actually on the same level. 

Besides heat pump aesthetics, this technology also has some operational issues. To illustrate, each mini-split unit will control a particular room's cooling and heating process. Each unit will have separate thermostats or remotes that must be operated separately.

The novelty of the sensor engines of the Quilt, which are more precise in detecting occupancy, surpasses the conventional devices. The firm recently received a $33 million Series A funding capitalization to support its upcoming product launch through a selected list of investors, including but not limited to Energy Impact Partners and Galvanize Climate Solutions. 

ARK Invest has already completed a Series A round of $9 million less than a year ago, which is a substantial boost compared to that amount.

Edited by Shruti Thapa