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Pragmatic Leaders: The MBA Shortcut for Tech Mavericks

  • Pragmatic Leaders: Online tech training for mid-career enthusiasts, founded by Talvinder Singh & Meera Khokhani.
  • Dubbed the MBA slayer, offering humor-infused, actionable insights in product management, growth, and marketing.
  • Blending San Francisco vibes with Gurugram roots, Pragmatic Leaders revolutionizes education with practical tech skills.

From the streets of Silicon Valley to online classrooms in Gurugram

In the fast-paced realm of tech innovation, the need for skilled leaders is as essential as the latest iPhone update.

That's where Pragmatic Leaders stride in, not with a cape but with a digital arsenal of product management wisdom.

Talvinder Singh & Meera Khokhani: The dynamic duo of Pragmatic Visionaries

The story begins with Talvinder Singh, an educator with a penchant for product wizardry, and Meera Khokhani, a force in operationalizing skill centers under India's "Skill India Mission".

United by a shared passion for reshaping education, they founded Pragmatic Leaders in 2018.

Meera's combination of public service and private innovation expertise makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Online training: Because who has time for classroom dramas?

Let's face it – the traditional MBA route can be as exciting as watching paint dry. Pragmatic Leaders steps into the scene, offering online training programs tailor-made for mid-career tech enthusiasts. No need to endure the agony of classroom dramas; just log in, and let the learning begin.

Pragmatic Leaders: The MBA slayer

Looking to enhance your knowledge in product management, growth, and marketing? Look no further than Pragmatic Leaders.

It has earned the reputation of being an MBA slayer by offering actionable insights instead of fluffy case studies.

E-Learning with a side of humor and sarcasm

In a world flooded with dull, monotonous e-learning platforms, Pragmatic Leaders stands out. Their courses aren't just about lectures; they're about infusing humor and sarcasm into the learning process.

Because, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to chuckle while mastering the art of product management?

San Francisco vibes, Gurugram roots: Where innovation meets tradition

While their headquarters might be in the tech mecca of San Francisco, Pragmatic Leaders has its roots firmly planted in Gurugram, India.

It's like the perfect blend of Silicon Valley vibes and the authentic curry flavors of Gurugram – a fusion that defines their innovative approach to education.

Pragmatic Leaders' toolbox: Product management, growth, and marketing

Picture a toolbox filled with gadgets, each designed for a specific purpose. Pragmatic Leaders' toolbox is no different. They specialize in product management, growth strategies, and marketing wizardry.

The courses go beyond theory and focus on equipping professionals with practical skills to succeed in the tech industry.

Redefining education, one online class at a time

Pragmatic Leaders is revolutionizing education by going beyond online courses. They aim to create a community of tech experts who are prepared to lead, innovate, and bring about change.

Edited by Shruti Thapa