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Poko Unveiled: Your Passport to Effortless Web3 Payments!

  • Geoffrey See and Van Tran created Poko, revolutionizing Web3 payments globally.
  • Poko's Direct Checkout and Onramp Aggregator make fiat payments in Web3 a breeze.
  • The acquisition of Poko Onramp Aggregator showcases Poko's success in the Web3 arena.

Hey folks! Let's talk about Poko – the brainchild of Geoffrey See and Van Tran. These guys are changing the game with seamless fiat payments for Web3. Ready to explore the magic of Poko? Let's dive in!

Meet the maestros behind Poko:

Geoffrey See: The CEO and Co-founder, of a powerhouse backed by Y-Combinator. He's the genius connecting web2 and web3 payment rails globally.

Van Tran: The Co-founder, shaping global payment tech for Web3 games, creators, and merchants.

Why Poko, you ask?

Imagine this: Web3 is booming, but payments are a maze. Poko sweeps in with its Direct Checkout and Onramp Aggregator – making fiat payments on any platform a breeze. As Web3 grows, Poko becomes the knight in shining armor for users and merchants.

Competition in the ring:

While we can't spill the beans on specific stats, Poko's definitely in the ring with the big shots of global payment tech. It's like the cool kid on the block, playing the Web3 game like a pro.

Poko's star player: The Direct Checkout and Onramp Aggregator:

This is the game-changer! Poko's product is the GPS for the highest-converting fiat onramp. No more payment headaches – just a smooth ride for Web3 enthusiasts. Poko's making payments in the Web3 space is as easy as pie.

Cheers to Poko's success: The Onramp Aggregator acquisition:

Hold on – Poko didn't just stop there. They hit the jackpot with the acquisition of Poko Onramp Aggregator. Van Tran spilled the beans, and it's like Poko leveling up in the Web3 payment tech game.

Summing up the Poko magic:

Poko, crafted by Geoffrey See and Van Tran, is your go-to for global Web3 payments. The Direct Checkout and Onramp Aggregator steal the show, making payments a walk in the park.

The acquisition of Poko Onramp Aggregator? Well, that's Poko flexing its success muscles in the Web3 arena. Get ready for a seamless Web3 payment journey with Poko – where tech meets magic!

Edited by Shruti Thapa