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Plumter: Money Matters Made Simple

Plumter simplifies cross-border payments, offering a secure and efficient solution to the struggles of managing international transactions.

• Their user-friendly platform provides essential features such as real-time exchange rates, detailed reporting, and instant tracking, making it easy for businesses to monitor and manage their finances.

• With a strong focus on compliance, security, and customer support, Plumter ensures that your funds are transmitted securely and in a compliant manner, while also granting access to a robust pool of liquidity.

Let’s face it, managing everyday payments is a struggle for us. Even if we have to handle just one currency and handle small payments, it proves to be a task to manage the money!

Now think of international payments. I don't know about you, but I would definitely end up making mistakes and losing money. Plumter founded in 2021 by Yinka Elujoba and Eni Joshua is a fintech company that understands these struggles. They are a simple, robust, and compliant way to pay your business partners in global currency swiftly and safely. Basically, they process B2B cross-border payments.

What is Plumbter all about?

At Plumter, they allow importers to submit their payment details and initiate cross-border transactions securely and with ease. Their technology streamlines this process by automating the necessary KYC documentation, compliance, and foreign exchange calculations, ensuring efficient and accurate payments.

They specifically provide payment rails and APIs to help African merchants and consumers easily move money in and out of Africa. 

Here are a few of Plumter’s features- 

1)Available on Web & Mobile

With their easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps, you can process your transactions without entering a bank or leaving your bed

2)See Exchange Rates for over 120 Currencies

Instantly access over 120 currencies with even more currency pairs to enable you to make fast decisions

3)Detailed reporting and statements

See details of how your business is doing and how your money is moving. Easily download statements and reports to help you monitor and manage your transactions.

4)Instant Tracking Information

Get instant visibility on what is happening with your payments at every step of the way with immediate access to UETRs, OMADs, and IMADs for tracking.

5)Teammates and Roles

Easily onboard other members of your team or company and delegate roles. Decide who can create payments, approve them, or simply view them.

6)Notifications and Updates

Receive real-time updates on exchange rates so you can make wise and quick decisions, or get notified when the status of your payment changes.

What is so unique about them?

a) It is Compliant and Secure

They work with global partners and fully licensed banks to ensure your funds are transmitted securely and in a compliant way. Security is a top priority at Plumter.

They leverage industry-leading encryption and follow strict security protocols to safeguard your payment information. Their platform adheres to all relevant compliance and regulatory standards.

b) Robust Pool of Liquidity

Regardless of whatever amounts you are sending in whatever currency, Plumter gives your business access to robust liquidity through our direct connection to global bank partners.

c) Solid Customer Support

Their support team provides equal dedication to all customers, making sure that any issue you may face is speedily resolved.

To sum it up, Plumter is like your GPS in the payments world – it will guide you smoothly. With them, handling cross-border transactions becomes as straightforward as it should be.

Edited by Shruti Thapa