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Piggy: Your Wallet's New Best Friend!*

  • India's finance game-changer, founded by Ankush Singh, Nikhil Mantha, and Kunal Sangwan.
  • Commission-free mutual funds, smart banking, and personalized advice.
  • Trusted with over ₹1,500 Crores, Piggy empowers users with financial freedom.

Hey savvy investors! Today, let's talk about Piggy - not the cute curly-tailed friend, but the financial superhero revolutionizing how we handle our money in India. Founded by the dynamic trio Ankush Singh, Nikhil Mantha, and Kunal Sangwan, Piggy is not your average piggy bank. It's your one-stop shop for personal finance magic. Ready to dive into the world of commission-free investments and financial freedom? Let's roll!

Piggy 101: Your finance game-changer

Picture this: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 2016. Ankush, Nikhil, and Kunal join forces to create Piggy - a fintech wizard with a mission. What's the goal? To make personal finance a breeze for over a billion Indians.

Fast forward, and Piggy's comprehensive platform is the talk of the town, combining banking, investments, and advice in one neat package.

Why Piggy? Because it gets you!

What makes Piggy shine in the financial galaxy? It's all about YOU. Piggy is your financial BFF with a customer-centric heart. Say goodbye to biased advice and pesky commissions. Piggy's got your back, offering a transparent and data-secure experience like no other.

Meet the financial avengers: Piggy's founders

Ankush Singh: The Captain Nikhil Mantha: The Strategist Kunal Sangwan: The Tech Guru

These three visionaries are the masterminds behind Piggy's mission to redefine personal finance in India.

Piggy vs. the Financial Goliaths

In the world of finance, Piggy isn't just another player; it's the game-changer. While we don't have the specific stats on Piggy's competitors, stands out by offering commission-free direct plans of mutual funds. Translation: more money in your pocket, up to 1.5% extra returns compared to others.

Piggy's star player: The mutual funds app

Piggy's most popular product? The Mutual Funds App is your ticket to stress-free investing. Check out these game-changing features:

  • Direct Mutual Fund Investments: Say goodbye to commissions. lets you invest in direct mutual funds and SIPs, giving you up to 1.5% extra returns.
  • Piggy Premier: Get personalized investment advice to optimize your portfolio.
  • Payment Options Galore: UPI, Debit Card, NEFT, Net Banking, Bank Mandate - Piggy's got them all.
  • Smart Banking: Your money works smarter with Piggy. From spend analytics to rewards, Piggy makes your money hustle.
  • Piggy Pots: Custom savings goals and automatic savings? Piggy's got your back.
  • Smart Portfolios: Stress-free wealth plans that automatically invest your money.

Piggy's victory lap: Over ₹1,500 crores trusted!

Since its inception, Piggy has rocked the financial scene, managing over ₹1,500 Crores of investments. Investors trust Piggy to handle their hard-earned money, thanks to the platform's dedication to providing an unbeatable user experience.

Piggy's finance revolution

Piggy isn't just changing the game; it's setting a new standard for personal finance in India. With a focus on you, transparent values, and cutting-edge features, Piggy is empowering users to take control of their financial future.

As Piggy expands its horizons, it's gearing up to be the superhero your wallet didn't know it needed. Get ready to ride the wave of financial freedom with Piggy - your wallet's new best friend! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa