• Faza, Gery, and Albert created Payable, simplifying online payments in Indonesia.
  • No-code app, 6x cheaper, automates reconciliation and adds humor to fintech.
  • Payable, more than an app, is a hero for Indonesian businesses, making payments as easy as texting.

The birth of Payable - Because payment hassles needed a Hero

Imagine a world where beauty advisers sell products through WhatsApp, yet struggle with the outdated method of manual bank transfers. Faza Fahleraz, Gery N, and Albert Theodore, the three musketeers, decided to address this chaos.

The lightbulb moment? "Why not make online payments as easy as sending a selfie?"

The Payable magic - 6x cheaper, much easier, and a dash of humor

Enter Payable, the app that swooped in to rescue Indonesian businesses drowning in the sea of bank transfers.

It's not just an app; it's a no-code superhero that lets sellers create payment links and send them via WhatsApp or Instagram. Think of it as a financial wizard that reconciles payments automatically, saving sellers from the tedious task of tallying hundreds of transfers daily.

And here's the kicker - it's 6 times cheaper and way easier to use than the existing solutions. Because who needs pricey and complicated payment gateways when you have Payable making transactions smoother than a well-blended smoothie?

How Payable works - Like sending a WhatsApp message, but better

With Payable, sellers create payment links, send them to customers via chatting apps, and watch the magic unfold. Buyers click, pay with various methods, and voila! Sellers get instant notifications, and everything is reconciled automatically. It's like sending a WhatsApp message, but instead of just emojis, there's real money involved.

Who wants the hassle of manual order management when you can have Payable do it automatically?

The trio behind Payable - Faza, Gery, and Albert

Now, who are the architects of this financial revolution?

Faza, a digital venture virtuoso, Gery, a tech maestro from Shopee Singapore, and Albert, the guy who grew L’Oreal's social commerce business in Indonesia by 10x.

They weren't just classmates at Bandung Institute of Technology; they were friends on a mission. With backgrounds ranging from BCG to handling >1 million QPS, this trio brought their unique skill set to create Payable.

A team with this diverse background could turn the mundane task of payment reconciliation into something as breezy as a beach vacation.

Payable - More than an App, it's a lifestyle

Payable is like a hero for Indonesian businesses, rescuing them from the confusing world of finance.

It's not just an app; it's a mindset shift. Faza, Gery, and Albert have not only simplified online payments but injected a dose of humor into an otherwise serious fintech landscape.

When you face difficulties with online payments, keep in mind Payable. They make payments as simple as sending a text, and the founders are as dedicated to finance as your cat is to playing fetch. Because, in the grand scheme of things, who needs code when you can have a chuckle with your payment app?

Edited by Shruti Thapa