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Paradigm Leads $225M Round for Monad Labs

  • Investors include Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and more.
  • Paradigm's commitment values Monad at $3 billion.
  • Monad creates a new Ethereum Virtual Machine for efficiency.

Monad Labs, which brings Ethereum with Layer 1 assets by teaming up with Paradigm, received an investment of $225 million in the Monad project. The following participants from the fund are also present and they include Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, GSR Ventures, and Greenoaks. 

Following up, some angel investors are Inversebrah, Ansem, Hsaka, punk6529, Eric Wall, Rune Christensen, Bryan Pellegrino, Luca Netz, and Mert Mumtaz ought to join a few of them. 

Earlier, Paradigm had highlighted that they would pledge $150 million to the Layer 1 project for the next round of funding, meaning the business valuation would be $3 billion. 

The Monad project is not simply to replace Ethereum with another video. Alternatively, it introduced an Ethereum Virtual Machine which is brand new.

Therefore, different processes can be done concomitantly instead of successive or sequential. Through its capability of having its smart contracts written in EVM-compatible bytecode, Monad allows Ethereum developers to move their SDKs to the Monad network in the same way that they do it on the main Ethereum network.

Edited by Shruti Thapa