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Ordinary Seafood: Your Sustainable Seafood Solution

  • Biotech company creating realistic plant-based seafood.
  • Addresses overfishing and environmental concerns.
  • Founded by Dr. Anton Pluschke, with notable success in the Y Combinator program.

Seafood is a beloved part of many diets, but our oceans and fishing industry are in trouble from overfishing and environmental worries. Enter Ordinary Seafood, a biotech company on a mission to change the game. In this blog, we'll dive into what Ordinary Seafood is all about, why it's a must-have, who's behind it, how it fares against the competition, the star product's features, and some of its success stories.

What's the deal with Ordinary Seafood?

Ordinary Seafood is not your average seafood company. They use the magic of plant protein and biotechnology to whip up delicious, sustainable, and incredibly realistic plant-based seafood.

Their goal is to bring balance back to our food systems by offering a seafood alternative that's eco-friendly and tasty. And when we say realistic, we mean it looks, feels, and tastes like the real deal.

Why do we need Ordinary Seafood?

The fishing industry is in hot water due to overfishing and environmental woes. Over 30% of the world's fish stocks are overfished, and another 60% are being fished to the max, as per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This puts immense pressure on our oceans and the future of the fishing industry.

Ordinary Seafood is here to help. They offer a sustainable solution that eases the burden on our marine ecosystems. By creating plant-based seafood, they serve up a scrumptious and eco-friendly option that's better for the environment.

The brilliant minds behind It

Meet Dr. Anton Pluschke, the brains behind Ordinary Seafood. He's the founder and CEO with a PhD in Food Science and Biotechnology from The University of Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Pluschke is passionate about crafting top-notch, high-protein plant-based seafood to relieve the stress on our oceans. His interests include sustainable food production, fermentation processes, and novel foods.


Ordinary Seafood isn't the only player in the plant-based seafood game. It's got some competition:

Good Catch: They offer fish-free tuna, crab cakes, and fish burgers.

New Wave Foods: They create plant-based shrimp using seaweed and plant proteins.

Sophie's Kitchen: This vegan seafood company dishes out crab cakes, fish fillets, and smoked salmon.

Despite the competition, Ordinary Seafood stands tall thanks to its super-realistic products and its commitment to sustainability.

What's the Star Product?

Ordinary Seafood's star player is its plant-based shrimp. These little wonders are made using a blend of plant proteins and biotech wizardry. Here's why they're a hit:

Super Realistic

These shrimp have a texture that's oh-so-similar to the real deal, making them a winner for seafood lovers.


They're made from plant-based ingredients, which are kinder to the planet than traditional seafood.


High in protein and low in fat, these shrimp are a smart, healthy alternative to the real thing.

Ordinary Seafood is making waves, and not just in the ocean. In 2022, they scored a spot in the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator program, which gave them a boost in exposure and funding. Plus, they've been featured in the media, including Anuga, a top food and beverage trade fair.

They're serving up a sustainable and delicious alternative to traditional seafood. With their innovative, eco-friendly products and dedication to sustainability, they're making a splash in the food industry.

Edited by Shruti Thapa