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OpsBerry AI: Automating Ops with a Dash of Humor

  • OpsBerry AI: AI-powered automation for IT Ops, freeing teams from burnout.
  • Unifies infrastructure and operations, empowering teams with visual workflows.
  • Founded by Carlos Feliciano and Casey Wilcox, reshaping the future of tech excellence.


In the chaotic world of technical operations, where incidents loom like dark clouds and on-call teams navigate through a storm of alerts, OpsBerry AI emerges as a beacon of hope.

Founded by Carlos Feliciano and guided by the technical prowess of Casey Wilcox, OpsBerry AI is on a mission to revolutionize IT Ops with the power of artificial intelligence.

Founders' story:

Picture this: Carlos Feliciano, Co-founder and CEO of OpsBerry AI, navigating through the intricate maze of infrastructure, monitoring, and operations. With over a decade of experience at Y combinator backed startups and large enterprises, Carlos is not just your average CEO.

When he's not architecting solutions on AWS, you might find him embracing the zen of PC gaming or soaking up the sun on the beach. With his love for good vibes and passion for fitness, Carlos brings a refreshing energy to OpsBerry AI.

Meanwhile, Casey Wilcox, the co-founder & CTO, is on a quest to build the best monitoring platform for web3 with As the mastermind behind OpsBerry AI's technical foundation, Casey's expertise and vision elevate the startup to new heights.

Whether he's diving deep into code or exploring the latest trends in tech, Casey is always one step ahead of the game.

Addressing operational challenges:

OpsBerry AI steps onto the scene at a time when poor incident response and repetitive operational tasks plague technical operations teams. But fear not! With OpsBerry AI's AI-powered automation platform, DevOps, SREs, and other tech wizards can bid farewell to burnout and embrace operational zen.

Imagine a world where alerts are no longer a cause for panic, but rather an opportunity for proactive action. OpsBerry AI's AI-assisted workflows automate incident response and repetitive tasks, freeing up precious time for engineering teams to focus on innovation.

From diagnosing issues to generating insights, OpsBerry AI's GPT-powered AI building blocks do the heavy lifting, leaving humans to bask in the glory of operational efficiency.

Workflow Automation Demo

Building the future of IT Ops:

OpsBerry AI isn't just another automation platform; it's a catalyst for change in the world of IT Ops. By integrating with favorite Ops tools and services, OpsBerry AI unifies infrastructure and operations under one central command center.

With a lightning-fast visual workflow builder and robust integrations, OpsBerry AI empowers engineering teams to create powerful automations that evolve and improve over time.


As the curtain rises on the era of AI-powered IT Ops, OpsBerry AI stands at the forefront, armed with innovation, humor, and a relentless drive to transform the status quo.

With Carlos Feliciano and Casey Wilcox at the helm, OpsBerry AI is not just revolutionizing operations—it's reshaping the future of technical excellence.

So, dear engineers and tech enthusiasts, embrace the power of OpsBerry AI, and let's embark on a journey towards operational zen together. Remember, with OpsBerry AI, the future of IT Ops is brighter—and funnier than ever before.

Edited by Shruti Thapa