• Nvidia hires two dozen roles in China, focusing on software, mapping, and product development for autonomous vehicles.
  • Led by Xinzhou Wu, the team taps into China's skilled workforce to advance global autonomous driving products.
  • As China prioritizes EVs and autonomy, Nvidia positions itself to contribute significantly to the global smart driving solutions market.

Nvidia intensified its autonomous vehicle efforts by recruiting two dozen roles across Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen for its AV team. The positions cover software, end-to-end platform, system integration, mapping, and product development. 

Led by Xinzhou Wu, former head of autonomous vehicles at Xpeng, the team aims to leverage China's talent pool and experience to drive the commercialization of Nvidia's independent driving products globally.

China emerges as crucial hub for Nvidia's self-driving endeavors

As competition in China's auto industry intensifies, Nvidia recognizes the country's strategic importance for autonomous driving advancements. China's focus on electric vehicles and autonomous driving has cultivated a skilled talent pool, making it a key location for Nvidia's AV endeavors.

Despite export control limitations on its powerful AI GPUs, Nvidia remains committed to its AV pursuits in China. The chip giant's automotive products, including its latest Thor chips, are currently unaffected by export restrictions.

Nvidia's AV team, led by Wu, focuses on designing, creating, and deploying AI systems for automation and autonomous vehicles, encompassing applications in robotaxis, commercial fleets, and passenger cars.

Edited by Shruti Thapa