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nsave Unlocking Financial Freedom

In a world of financial turmoil, nsave emerges as a beacon of hope, offering trusted $€£ accounts abroad. Founded by two visionaries, Amer and Abdallah, nsave is more than a fintech startup; it's a movement towards financial inclusion. Join their quest to make banking fun and accessible for all!

  • Amer and Abdallah, driven by personal experiences, founded nsave at Oxford to combat global financial exclusion.
  • Recruiting talents from top companies, nsave is dedicated to making banking accessible worldwide.
  • nsave offers trusted accounts with a Mastercard® for £69/year, recently securing $4M funding to expand their impact.

Imagine living in a place where your money seems to vanish into thin air faster than a Snapchat message.

That's the reality for many countries with sky-high inflation and shaky banking systems. And that's where nsave emerges, a financial superhero!

The Brains Behind nsave

The story begins with two extraordinary individuals, Amer and Abdallah, whose paths crossed at Oxford.

Amer, a Syrian-born scholar with a knack for problem-solving, and Abdallah, a chess-loving brainiac from Gaza, joined forces to tackle one of the world's biggest challenges: financial exclusion.

From Personal Struggle to Global Impact

Both Amer and Abdallah experienced financial hardship firsthand, witnessing the struggles of their families and communities.

Their personal experiences fueled a desire to create change. Thus, nsave was born, with a mission to provide trusted $€£ accounts abroad for those in need.

Source: Y Combinator

Amer and Abdallah assembled a team of financial Avengers, hailing from prestigious companies like Morgan Stanley and Microsoft.

Together, they're on a mission to make banking accessible to everyone, no matter where they're from.

Source: nsave

Innovation in Action

nsave offers trusted accounts with a Mastercard® for £69/year, ensuring that financial security is within reach for anyone who needs it.

Their innovative approach to banking is not just about providing accounts; it's about giving people the power to control their financial future.

Recent Triumphs and Future Adventures

nsave recently secured a whopping $4M in funding, showing that the world believes in its mission.

This funding will allow them to expand their reach and help even more people secure their financial futures.

With a bit of innovation and a whole lot of heart, nsave is proving that even the toughest financial challenges can be overcome; allowing us to look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Edited By Annette George.