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  • Prolific Machines, founded in 2020, develops novel manufacturing processes for cell growth in industries like cultured meats and medicines, eliminating the need for expensive recombinant proteins.
  • The company is ready to launch a bioreactor to enhance cell development, utilizing light as a cost-effective and controllable alternative to molecules for applications like food production and contamination detection.
  •  Prolific Machines raised $55 million in Series B funding, led by Ki Tua Fund, with contributions from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and many more. $86.5 million.

Previously, in 2019, Prolific Machines unveiled new technologies for a novel manufacturing process for cell development for different industries, such as culturing meats.

Today, the Emeryville, Calif. -based company has stated that it is ready to start a bioreactor to foster this growth.

Founded back in 2020, Deniz Kent, Max Huisman, and Declan Jones are working on improving efficient forms to produce food and medicines.

This would mean generating and regulating cells on a large scale without the need to procure expensive recombinant proteins to obtain cells.

Present-day cell biology actions can go from producing numerous things, such as antibodies for immunotherapies, to NF proteins within baby food formulas.

However, these molecular methods are expensive (que costs more than a gram of gold) and challenging to regulate.

To expound this, Kent used an example of placing cream in coffee and emulsifying it in different random fashions as it dissolved within the coffee; this was his way of explaining the movement of cells to where they wanted to be.

From the information gathered, Prolific Machines have discovered that light is a better option than molecules in various applications.

Light can be applied to making food, identifying contamination, and solving cellular growth issues.

It is among the cheapest stratagems since it can be regulated and managed in various ways.

All this was made possible by $55 million in new Series B financing it recently got.

Ki Tua Fund is the lead investor of the Series B funding round, which was also participated by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mayfield, SOSV, Shorewind Capital, Darco Capital, Conti Ventures, and In-Q-Tel (IQT).

It includes convertible notes and takes the company’s cumulative fundraisings to $86 million up to date about Prolific Machines. 5 million.

Edited By Annette George