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  • Midas secures $45 million in equity capital led by Portage.
  • Plans to enter the cryptocurrency trading market.
  • Expansion into new markets beyond Turkey by year-end.

Last week, Midas, the innovative FinTech company, completed the purchase of $45 million in equity capital from different investors. Portage, which is a well-known firm, led this massive investment.

Other participants in the investment included International Finance Corporation, Spark Capital, Earlybird Digital East Fund, and Revo Capital.

Cryptocurrency trading is another segment that the company endeavors to enter. It has become a highly dynamic market that has recently gained much popularity. 

The Midas Exchange will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies and thus benefit from the vast opportunities that this digital asset class has to offer, in addition to providing its customers with a safe and user-friendly platform for engaging in this new type of investment.

Besides cryptocurrency trading, Midas plans to introduce mutual funds and savings accounts, widening the products offered and aiming to satisfy the clients' changing requirements. 

Midas intends to give users a wide range of economic possibilities through these innovative financial tools, letting them succeed in building up and managing their wealth.

The firm plans to enter new markets by moving across the borders beyond its native country of Turkey before the end of this year.

Edited by Shruti Thapa