• Amazon launches Rufus, an AI shopping assistant, to help users with product recommendations and comparisons.
  • Rufus is currently in beta, accessible to select U.S. customers via the Amazon mobile app.
  • Amazon plans to refine Rufus based on customer feedback and may add additional features later.

Amazon has introduced a new AI-powered shopping assistant called Rufus. Rufus has been trained on Amazon's product catalog and information from the internet. It will be available to a subset of U.S. customers in beta, with plans to expand to more users in the future. 

Customers can chat with Rufus in the Amazon mobile app to get help with finding products, comparing them, and receiving recommendations. This AI chatbot is part of Amazon's efforts to enhance the shopping experience for consumers. 

Customers who are researching other products can ask a variety of questions such as "What should I consider when buying headphones?" or "What do I need for cold weather golf?"

Rufus can also assist with product comparisons and make recommendations, like suggesting good gifts for Valentine's Day or the best dinosaur toys for a five-year-old. 

After receiving answers from Rufus, customers can continue browsing for more refined results. Customers can type or speak their questions into the chat dialog box at the bottom of the screen. 

Amazon plans to improve Rufus over time by gathering feedback from customers and fine-tuning its AI models. The chatbot will not have advertising at launch, but additional features may be added in the future if they provide value to customers.

Edited by Shruti Thapa