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Materee: Building Dreams, One Click at a Time

  • Materee transforms construction material procurement, from chaos to high-fives.
  • Founded by Hansel and Steven, it's the B2B e-commerce fairy godmother for contractors.
  • Materee's E2E platform streamlines, simplifies, and works credit magic, reshaping industry norms.

Setting the stage: Hansel, Steven, and the birth of Materee

In a world where construction material procurement was drowning in phone calls and endless back-and-forth, enter Hansel Hansel and Steven Walentino—two visionaries with a mission. Picture it: Jakarta, 2022, a city pulsating with energy, and the construction industry yearning for a tech-savvy makeover.

Chapter One: The Eureka Moment

Hansel, a former Senior VP of Strategy & Revenue at GudangAda, and Steven, a Silicon Valley veteran with a penchant for all things digital, joined forces. The result? Materee, is the brainchild of their collective frustration with the chaotic dance of price-checking, credit hurdles, and delivery time mysteries in construction material procurement.

Materee's Mission: From Headaches to High-Fives

Construction is vital in Indonesia, but procuring materials? Not so glamorous. Materee saw an opportunity to transform this headache-inducing process into a high-five-worthy experience. How? By being the fairy godmother of B2B e-commerce for construction materials, of course.

Enter the protagonists: Hansel, the B2B Maestro, and Steven, the digital dynamo

Hansel, armed with a strategy background and a knack for navigating the construction value chain, became the CEO. Steven, the Silicon Valley wizard, took the reins as CTO. Together, they weren't just co-founders; they were on a mission to sprinkle some digital magic on construction material procurement.

Chapter Two: Materee Unleashed—The Savior of Contractors

The problem? Buying construction materials was akin to navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. Price comparisons, credit woes, and the perpetual mystery of delivery times—we've all been there. Materee stepped in, wielding its E2E technology solution like a superhero cape.

Materee's superpowers: Streamlining, simplifying, and credit magic

Materee's core? An e-commerce platform that transforms buyers into construction material superheroes. Real-time pricing and stock availability information? Check. The digital supply chain for on-time deliveries? Double-check. Personalized credit offerings based on transaction history? Oh, you bet.

Chapter Three: Materee's Call to Action—How You Can Help

As we marvel at Materee's journey from frustration to innovation, there's a call to action. Know any manufacturers itching to expand into or already rocking the scene in Indonesia? Materee wants in on the introductions. After all, a superhero is only as strong as its allies.

Materee - More than just an e-commerce platform

In a world where every startup claims to be revolutionary, Materee isn't just a platform; it's a game-changer. It's about reshaping an industry, simplifying lives, and turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Materee's story isn't just about construction materials; it's about rewriting the narrative of procurement.

So here's to Hansel, Steven, and the Materee team—a toast to simplifying construction material procurement and bringing a touch of magic to every click. After all, in the grand tale of startups, Materee is the chapter where the underdog becomes the hero.

Edited by Shruti Thapa