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Mantys: Unleashing the Power of ARR Analysis for SaaS Mavericks

  • Mantys: Automated ARR analysis for SaaS growth.
  • Demystify deviations, and simulate scenarios effortlessly.
  • Co-founders Kriti Arora and Mudit Dangi lead the Bangalore-based venture.

The ARR Odyssey - Tracking growth with Mantys's end-to-end Solution

It can be quite challenging to keep track of your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the constantly changing world of high-growth SaaS companies. But fear not, as Mantys emerges as the compass you've been waiting for. Let's embark on a journey to demystify how Mantys is reshaping ARR analysis for SaaS trailblazers.

From manual to marvelous - Automating the ARR adventure

Gone are the days of painstakingly tracking ARR with manual effort. Mantys takes the reins, automating 80% of the manual work associated with ARR tracking and planning. By offering a single source of truth, Mantys makes your work easier, giving you more time to strategize and less time to worry about calculations.

Demystifying Deviations - Find, Track, and Book a demo for seamless insights

Struggling with your ARR journey? Mantys is here to assist you. It not only keeps track of your ARR but also detects any deviations and provides actionable insights.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover how Mantys can transform the way you analyze ARR. Book a demo now and get a comprehensive, real-time view of your business metrics.

Simplicity in complexity - What-if scenarios at your fingertips

One of Mantys's standout features is its ability to simulate what-if scenarios in minutes. No more grappling with complex modeling templates. With Mantys, envision different scenarios effortlessly and access best-in-class modeling templates. It's like having a crystal ball for your business's financial future.

Integrations made effortless - Mantys plays well with others

Worried about the integration hassle? Fear not. As co-founders, they bring more than just a platform to the table. They offer a strategic business planning and analytics solution to SaaS and consumption-based companies. Get started in minutes, bringing all your business data under one roof for a holistic view of your ARR landscape.

Meet the makers - The minds behind Mantys

In the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka, Kriti Arora, and Mudit Dangi stand at the helm of Mantys. As co-founders, they bring not just a platform but a strategic business planning and analytics solution to SaaS and consumption-based companies. Their vision is clear – to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making.

Crunching numbers and dollars - Mantys's funding journey

Backed by a pre-seed funding of US$ 500K and fueled by the dynamism of Y Combinator's W23 cohort, Mantys is on a mission. Venture Capital-Backed and ready to revolutionize the business/productivity software industry, Mantys is a force to be reckoned with.

The Mantys promise - Clean, Transform, and Leverage your data

Mantys isn't just a platform; it's a promise. A promise to automate processes, provide actionable insights, and simplify the complex world of ARR tracking and planning. Whether you're a startup or an established player, Mantys aims to be your strategic business ally.

As SaaS companies brace themselves for the next phase of growth, Mantys emerges as a trusted companion in the ARR journey. From automation to actionable insights, from integrations to what-if scenarios, Mantys is more than a platform; it's a guide to success in the intricate landscape of high-growth SaaS.

Book a demo, embrace the future, and let Mantys redefine the way you analyze and plan for your ARR growth.

Edited by Shruti Thapa