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  • MakenBreak Toys promotes wisdom through hands-on STEM learning.
  • They bridge the gap between classrooms and real-life applications.
  • Maker Classes offer DIY workshops for enhanced learning experiences.

We are in the 21st century and everyone around us has knowledge to share and learn, but where does wisdom come from? Is it through Teachers? Parents? Books? Oh what if it’s toys? Yes, would you believe we are celebrating MakenBreak Toys this Teacher's Day? 

What is MakenBreak?

MakenBreak Private Limited is the company behind nurturing the idea of “making” and bringing into the reality of “academics”. Isn’t it true that most school kids are so much dwelled into learning the formulas, by hearting the definitions that they almost forget to ask themselves, “Oh, where did that question come from?” or “How do these definitions later evolve into a natural process?” I know, I didn’t, because I was so mad behind grades that a very important aspect of learning had been compromised. 

But hey, with the most fabulous framework of Toys - as founded by - Neeraj Sharma and Mansi Gupta, it is possible to finally LEARN in the process of learning. 

MakenBreak intends to ideate, design, and create STEM Toys for 4+ individuals. Their main idea lies behind the 4 letters of CUBE. 

C- Create moving toys with hands and gears.

U- Understand joineries through simple basic and easy techniques.

B- Build toys single-handedly and effectively.

E- Enhance your thought processes, vision, and experiences.

Their framework not only relies on their concept and ideology but moreover on their strategy of discerning the gap between the 4 walls of the classroom and what's required in real life. It’s almost like getting answers to the question of what is trigonometry going to be used for.

But the answers are not on paper rather they are in the form of a toy. As mentioned above, learning is beyond rote and so is MnB’s Road. Their core belief lies in ‘growing naturally by observing surroundings and drawing insights.’

I too view it as a relief from the lens of parents because today’s technology is eating up the physicality of a toy or gameplay. However, the interesting process of developing and earning the satisfaction of building STEM Toys and then playing with it is an experiential quality of the product. 

Before, moving on to a couple of different types of toys, it's time to understand how they design the toys. The below image, explains it all!! (Source: MakenBreak)

The team of Stunning Seven has been able to categorize the toys not only in terms of age groups but various categories like - technological, scientific, birthday present, and so on. The reason is, that it gets easier to find out the righteous best for any kind of occasion. 

Well, most of the MnB toys can be categorized as manual and motorized, one of the finesse examples for the manual is marble fun while motorized - Humanzee is one. 

Source: MarbleFun

Marble Fun and Humanzee are an awe-cool way of understanding and observing various concepts of rotational, gravity, inertia, movement, gears, and many such things which until now to most of us only in JEE Sums. But this is the key to triggering the power of visualization in young minds. 

Source: Humanzee

To be honest, if I had such cool opportunities to grasp knowledge, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. It isn’t just the toys but also their program of Maker Class that intrigues as well. How amazing it is to have monthly workshops and be a part of enlightening the process of learning through some simple hands-on DIY Toy Formations.

Nevertheless, it’s never too late to appreciate and celebrate wisdom with a start-up that asks for support in return for knowledge. 

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Edited by Shruti Thapa