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Streamlining Blockchain Communication with Secure Messaging

Mailchain cover image
Mailchain cover image
  • Mailchain is an open-source messaging app founded by Timothy Boeckmann, that solves blockchain communication challenges.
  • User-friendly email-like interface for sending/receiving messages between blockchain addresses and accounts.
  • Secure and private messaging with encryption and decentralized storage; supports rich-media messages and attachments. Scalable, gas-free, and compatible with all blockchain networks.

I still remember when I saw the 1st season of TVF’s Pitchers. It was an experience of a lifetime and no it’s not an exaggeration. It left me wanting to be Naveen and do my own thing and shaped some part of me that is still driving me today as well.

If you remember Naveen you certainly remember Jeetu, who became very famous because of his amazing acting skills and relatable problems. He redeemed himself and everyone from a guy named Dungeon Master.

He is the guy who was introduced at the beginning of the show, and if he caught up with the series and watched season 2, he came back, so what did he do for having to face the wrath of Jeetu? Who destroyed his whole computer setup and hard disks.

He hacked their work e-mail accounts and used to read business emails, and that led to Dungeon stealing their idea and going to the investors first and had an advantage over The Pitchers, but they got the funding anyway. How they got it is the topic for another day.

This story was to ignite some nostalgic memories and explain to you what it means to get hacked and Bing surveillance on your e-mail account. You can lose everything you worked for or maybe care for. This is one of the problems Timothy Boeckmann planned to tackle with his new venture.

What is so tricky with exchanging mail in different Blockchains?

A long time ago there were vast kingdoms that were self-fulfilled because of the less moderate population and a huge amount of resources. So to exchange goods by barter system, every kingdom had its own unit of measure, but as time the population increased and resources started to replenish.

So kingdoms started to buy goods from other kingdoms, and people started to go to other places to work. But with this expansion a new problem arises, we exchange goods but how will we measure it because one’s method might not suffice all the criteria of another’s method of measure?

So they had to make the measuring units standardized so it made it easier to exchange all over the region. This happens from time to time with every common means of exchange like money and time, but realize its importance during scaling.

The same happened with blockchain as well. These are a few problems that made it difficult to mail in different blockchains.

Need for standardization - There are no standards specifically built for easing out the communication between blockchains, which makes it challenging to communicate.

Inability to communicate - Each blockchain has different protocols and it’s very difficult to communicate.

Features are in the way - different blockchains provide different features and standards, which can make it hard to transfer data between different chains.

Meet the Solution

Mailchain is a multi-blockchain messaging application that lets users send and receive messages between blockchain addresses and accounts with the ease of an email-like interface that you are already familiar with.

This startup sits on the top shelves of Ethereum and it’s an open-source project which makes it extremely versatile and compatible with all the blockchains. It is secure, private, easy to use, and designed to be scalable, hence the open source part.


Web3 Native Email: With Mailchain, users can create an account using their own blockchain addresses without any charges. This makes it simple for users to communicate, even if they are using different blockchain networks. And it is affordable as well so no empty pockets.

Secure Messaging: Mailchain ensures that all messages are protected with strong encryption. Only the intended recipient can read them. The platform prioritizes privacy and doesn't collect or store sensitive information. So that means you won’t need Jeetu to save you from Dungeon_Master. 

Rich-Media HTML Messages: Users can send and receive messages with images, videos, and other multimedia content. It also supports attachments, allowing users to send files alongside their messages.

Decentralized Storage: All messages sent through Mailchain are stored securely on decentralized storage, ensuring privacy and protection. No one can see which wallets are connected to a user's Mailchain account.

Compatibility: Mailchain works seamlessly with all blockchain networks, enabling users to communicate across different networks. This means users can connect and talk, even if they use different blockchain platforms.

Open-Source: Mailchain is an open-source project that welcomes contributions from anyone. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, resembling an email interface for easy message sending and receiving.

Who is behind all this?

Timothy Boeckman is the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Mailchain. He is the one behind this tech, which will become the new standard for e-mailing between blockchains.

Boeckmann is passionate about the potential of blockchain technology he has been a Software Engineer, worked at AWS, and has been a founder. Been involved in open-source projects.

Boeckmann has made important contributions to the blockchain industry. He has actively participated in the blockchain community and worked on many projects that are available for anyone to use.

Boeckmann strongly believes in the power of blockchain technology to change different industries, and he wants to ensure that everyone can benefit from it.

How did Mailchain begin to be?

While working at ConsenSys, Boeckmann had the idea for Mainchain. He was involved in a project where messages were sent between blockchain addresses. He realized that people needed a messaging platform that was decentralized, meaning it didn't rely on a central authority.

This platform would allow users to communicate securely and privately between their blockchain addresses and accounts. Boeckmann saw an opportunity to create a platform that was easy to use, could handle a large number of users, and could work with any blockchain network.

Boeckmann and his team started working on Mailchain in 2018, and they launched it in 2019 and since then it has been growing rapidly.

Boeckmann's vision for Mailchain is to make a messaging platform that anyone can use. He believes that Mailchain can change how people communicate on the blockchain. Boeckmann wants Mailchain to be the top choice for sending and receiving messages between blockchain addresses and accounts.

And what I think is if the future does exist in Metaverse and web3, it is possible that we will be working on Mailchain then G-mail!

Mailchain is solving a very fundamental problem which is a must to increase the scalability of these emerging technologies. Nobody wants to have 15 different apps just because they are interested in different technologies or brands or ideologies, and eliminating that need with an open-source approach surely impresses me a lot and I am rooting for Mainchain and Mr Boeckmann. Are you?

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Edited by Shruti Thapa